Sunday, 25 April 2010

Around and round

Have we all had a good weekend? I hope you've all managed to enjoy the sunshine somewhat, no matter how little you managed to get, currently we're experiencing a thunderstorm not unlike the ones we normally don't get until August time.

I know i've blogged about my new love for crocheting, and its a weird new love to have. It's one of the lesser credited or even acknowledged craft forms and therefore makes the ability to buy not only the yarns [there's me being corrupted into sounding American these days] yet alone contemporary patterns a tad on the hard side. But i've always enjoyed a challenge.

The way I'm teaching myself how to really understand and use crocheting patterns to make things is through making what were originally termed "dollies", I guess you could call them stands? Covers? Protectors these days. Like I've mentioned before I use them to display my vintage wears on. Mainly because they come with diagrams and basically encompass and use not only the basic but more experiences stitches in order to move onto the bigger and better projects like the scarf and a shawl but I'll mention that one later.
This one turned out rather smaller then expected, but keeps itself looking pretty beside my shells at least with it's starfish shaped design.
Currently still a work in progress, this kinda cobweb appearing design is one of my favorites so far - i've normally had tension issues, my stress probably makes my work too tight [lol] but this one is working out just right!
The edging wasn't finished when this picture was taken, but it's all completed now, I love the simple love heart shaped designs going into the circle. Takes a keen eye to notice it at first!

There is one reason why i'm driving and determined to learn everything I can about crocheting. When the day comes of me actually getting engaged, the one thing I want to be able to make myself is a crocheted shawl for my big day. In a dreamy setting I want my wedding to be as vintage-thrifty as possible in a 1930s kinda style, and after seeing this keepsake lace shawl in the latest edition of Crochet Today my hearts melted into being able to make it! And I will, no matter how hard or long it takes to get my head around it!


  1. Fantastic crochet stuff. I like it too. Pretty blog!

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing your crochet pieces and I'm not disappointed! The love heart shapes in your last piece are utterly darling. And you MUST make the shawl for your wedding day - start it now! It's amazing! x

  3. I soooo want to start the shawl Jen, its so hard not to even start working out the stitches for it, but i'm then i'm fearing its tempting fate too much to start it before we're even engaged! Mind you starting it now, it should in theory be done for the big day - plenty of time!

    I am intending to get some wool for the scarf the next time I go shopping and really really really, want to give this dressing table runner pattern a go that I have from the 1950s!

    Have too many ideas and so little time, but fear not there'll be more updates as I go along!

  4. Oh crocheting is fun! My mom used to do it all the time when I was a lil girl and I would want to crochet as well. I've forgotten how to do it now though:P

    The shawl is so pretty, I hope you succeed in making one:)


  5. love ur crochet project :)

    love this postt :))
    have a great weekend <3
yudia aiiu

  6. I used to crochet & I remember it being so much fun. That would be beautiful to have a crochet shawl for a wedding. Good luck with all of this dear!

    Love the new layout too!

  7. I really wish I could crochet!

  8. awesome crochet art...i've tried my hand at it but i don't think i can ever be this good!