Friday, 30 April 2010

Just a little poll reminder ....

A BIG thank you to all of you who have voted in my little poll from Tuesday [which you can scroll down to see below or by clicking here] to decide weather I crochet the booties or the jacket for my friends baby as a little pressie. If you haven't already voted then please just drop a little note to which you adore the most - either on a cute or pratical level. I know there's a bit of a clear leader but I love to hear all your thoughts. 

Also any ideas on yarn colours would be grand. Be traditional and stick with blue to be the typical blue for a boy? Or be fancy and use something else? Basically i'm rubbish at making up my mind!

For a quickie reminder here's the two projects you can vote for;

Hope all of you have a lovely weekend - especially for you UK readers with the bank holiday, sadly my bank holiday will be spent at work - sadly. Barr a planned BBQ on Sunday most probably spent in the rain however!


  1. i've always had a soft spot for baby booties. they're so incredibly cute!

    have a fun sunday BBQ!


  2. Awww cute!! :)

    Lovely blog design here!! Following you! :)