Friday, 9 April 2010


This may turn into a slight rant [i'm hormonal - its allowed] but really, £8 for a sewing needle case? Seriously its like two pieces of felt [for which you could get for like less then a £1] and then just sew them both together. Simples. But £8 for one? I know, I know your paying for the "Cath Kidson" name and yeah ok her stuff is slightly nice, but still don't be fooled into the prices you gotta pay for it.

I know this will probably divide people but ya know and if your really into wanting to be creative, crafty and perhaps different so you don't look like all the other followers, make your own?

Guess i'm just having one of those days ...


  1. Cath Kidston is so expensive, yet so pretty! Sigh. When we're rich we'll own that needle case! ;) x

  2. Agreed. Worth it though.

  3. I do think it's priced too high...
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Glad i'm not the only one thinking this then!

  5. The prices annoy me too, but if I was wealthy I know I would buy it because its all so beautiful. having said that I wouldnt buy a needle case for that price, just the expensive wallpapers and clothes!

  6. what drives me nuts is the price of simple cotton skirts in vintage stores, I'm not paying $30 for something that was handmade that I could make!!!! Make your own needlepoint, I bet the designs would be cuter too :)

  7. I agree. Even if I had the money, I would pay £8 for a needle case on principle!

  8. I do like Cath Kidston stuff - but it's all exactly the same, there's very little imagination.

    I went to an amazing fabric shop in Manchester (Abakhans, if you're ever over this way!) and got some gorgeous vintage-looking floral fabrics that are miles nicer and much more original than the CK ones. And so cheap too!

    Could you not have a go at doing your own needleholder?


  9. Oooo I already have one Lucy that I made when I was about eight - neon green and black felt, still standing the test of time!