Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hello, my name is Rachael and this is my world

This seems to be doing the rounds lately on the old blogger, so i've taken it from Lily loves Lola [ta!]

Never in my life have I been: Outside of Europe

The one person who can drive me nuts is; my mam, half the time we get on great the other time reminds me how much we merely are chalk and cheese.

High school: never prepared me for the real world

When i'm nervous: I go through the extremes of super quiet and super hyper

The last song I listened to was: Florence and the Machine - You got the love.

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be: probably wouldn't have one

My hair is: a part of me that i'm rather confident about, I love it. Its all grown up and only one colour now.

When I was 5: I adored red shoes - still love red clothes.

Last Christmas: was a nightmare, way too many arguments, fighting, slamming of doors and tears to be anywhere near enjoyable. Roll on the next Christmas!

I should be: more relaxed and less stressey

The happiest recent event was: being given this sweet sweet picture of my three favourite things - my guy, edders [soon to be a very well travelled cat] and Mr Ted - the teddy with an exceedingly lot of air-miles to his name [piccie is belooooooow]

By this time next year: me and my guy will be all settled and snuggled up in our very own place!
There's this girl I know that: kisses so much arse - but then again she just knows how to get promoted!

I like you when: you leave me sweet messages on my blog :D

The world could do without: so many things

Most recent thing I've brought myself: M&S undies, socks and some foundation - boring essentials

Most recent thing someone else brought me: errr?

My middle name is: Anne

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: kitty cats - would be hilarious especially if Edders could fly!
Once, at a bar: I often get ignored for ages - I can never seem to attract their attention probably because im short - or that is my theory. But its JD's and cokes every time!

Last night I was: doing the same as I am tonight ...

There's this guy I know who: has totally changed my life and just makes me feel so alive, wanted and loved ...
and he's mine ... all mine :D

Tomorrow I am: having a day off and being utterly lazy

Tonight I am: talking to my lover, watching the TV and trying to ignore my stomach.

My birthday is: someday in September


  1. "High school: never prepared me for the real world" EXACTLY. the same goes for college!

  2. What a fun tag to do! And yay we learned your middle name, Anne is a beautiful name:)

    And you have so much to look forward to in the future! I'm so excited for you!!

    And sweet messages on the blog always makes me happy too:)