Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gah, I want that tattoo

 I hope your all having a lovely weekend, I spent today shopping - i've totally fallen in love with Zara. I'll admitt its taken me years to even step inside that shop, but i'm so pleased I did. I have a new favourite. But the main part of the day as been spent daydreaming about more ink. 

Tattoos are a part of me that always hides in the back of my mind. I wish i'd of got more done when I was up in Newcastle at university and had a smashing tattooists up there. I don't know why I didn't. Sometimes I just have days dreaming up ideas, patterns, places to get them done. Then I remember I need to save money for moving, and a wedding, and a honeymoon and bus tickets.

The above love bird image is one I found on one of them endless google image searches. I love the tones of the blues and the wispy grey shading which adds to the sense of flight in the design. I've been debating the idea of getting a love bird for a while, going back and forth over the idea of the retro punky vivid colour look. 

I think i'll have a pair flying towards each other across the bottom of my back (beware tramp stamp territory) with something linking them between. My backs a work in progress, so are my designs. But the daydreams keep me happy at work and I love being the gal people always think would never have tattoos.

I love surprising people like that. 


  1. The classic sparrows are gorgeous. I'm terrified of color myself, but I love how it looks. It stinks you can't get your tattoo soon, but the longer you wait the more sure you'll be at least.

  2. I adore looking at tattoos but don't think I could ever get one myself, I am too wimpish and can't decide on one I'd really like!

  3. after getting my third tattoo with loads of colour in I think that's what's swung me away from just black and grey ink.