Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The non conventional wedding dress

I get increasing disaffected and uninterested in the contemporary and traditional kind of wedding dress shops and websites want to offer today's brides. I think half my problem is that I'm not very normal, I'm somewhat quirky in my outlook and attitude. I wouldn't know what a princess dress if it came and slapped me in the face I'm afraid, or what a diamanté tiara might be or how long a train a girl would want.

It's not me and for a time it was getting at me, feeling like a wedding had to be like that. But a wedding's about what me and Joe want, right? It's just a another visual way of reflecting who we are as not only a couple but individuals just as much.

I keep opting for a 1930s dress, of which it doesn't even have to be white/ivory/egg shell whatever "white" is termed under (its like searching for paint colours). That era offers something that's timeless, something that's elegant, feminine and beautiful. It'd reflect my favourite era and be more "us" then any conception of a modern wedding ever could achieve. 

1930s inspired dress and red shoes - perfect.

What do you think? Should a wedding dress always be white?


  1. I loved your wedding dress idea! I hope you find the perfect 30's dress for you ^^

  2. Thank you, I have my eye on a design, just weighing it all up atm :D

  3. I just want to run away to Vegas and get married in a corset and jeans - I'm not interested in the "traditional" side of things before.

    There was a gorgeous vintage wedding dress (with lace sleeves, mmmm!) in a vintage shop near me for £30 - I was tempted to buy it til I realised I'm nowhere near marriage and not really bothered about it!

  4. hi, thanks for visiting my blog.
    i agree, barry m is my favoruite, they have so many different shades and they do last forever..! :)
    aw i want to see a picture of the colour your wearing now, or the colour you apply next! ;)

  5. In India a wedding dress is red :)
    I like the white for weddings and black for funerals.
    I like all different styles though.
    Thanks for saying hi :)

  6. hahaha I just tried on a wedding dress on the weekend (not getting married but it was for a show) and I was wondering that too, I want mine to have a pink tinge. anyways most wedding dresses nowadays aren't pure white anyways they're like a cream tinge

  7. so I think a non-white wedding dress is okay as long as there is some white somewhere! :)

  8. Loving ur blog! Thanks for followin back!

    In my eyes ur wedding dress should be whatever colour YOU want it to be who says it has to be 'white' or have a long train or big tiara?
    It ur and Joes wedding day and it should revolve around what u 2 want and what will make u happy, all those who truely love u will be happy for u no matter what xx