Thursday, 20 January 2011

My old doll and a crochet hook

The parents were clearing out the loft at the weekend to stick more of that fleecy insulation thing down. This results in my room becoming covered and piled in all my boxes of old university things - odd matching plates, random knifes and forks, two study lamps, a mouldy box, then lego, plastic toys, teddy's and my former dolly. Somehow in the process of her migrating to the loft she'd lost all her clothes.

I'll be honest, I wasn't really a doll playing kid. I loved my Lego and my toy cars so much more. 

Would she move to the charity shop or go back into the loft for that one day situation where maybe me and Joe have a baby girl and said doll gets passed down to her. For that reason alone, I couldn't part with her, however many years will go by before that occurs. 

But give a girl the raverly website and a hook - I got slightly carried away with making her some new outfits.

But at least if she does go back into the loft for the short term future - at least she'll be the most stylishly dressed one up there.


  1. I understand your feelings about not wanting to let go of old toys. They become a part of you and your history!

    I love the dresses you made--will you be posting the patterns? Adorable!

  2. I keep some token old toys of mine I just can't get rid of! I love the new lil looks. They are so cute! It's great to modernize things a lil! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. I have all my old toys up in the loft! I just can't get rid x

  4. I learnt to crochet in the summer but I haven't had time to do any lately! I miss it though!