Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A reintroduction to vintage powder compacts

I realised, well I looked back into the old blogging history and apparently I haven't blogged about anything compact related since last May (maybe I did and just didn't tag them properly). How bizarre. I use to post about them all the time. And its not like I haven't had any new ones since May. Far from it.So probably over the next few weeks i'll be updating the blog on all the latest additions.

We'll start with the biggest compact related addition. When you start "displaying" what you collect that's when it starts getting serious. First I started with cheapo plastic little plate stands, ones that flap open and you balance them upon. Then we got more serious and dedicated a SHELF of all things to my compacts. 

This blog started pretty much a few months before I got my first compact - rescued from my gran's house after she died. The collection is now up to about 20, the latter additions have been brought by my guy. He has a brilliant eye. Being over in America he finds ones that aren't overly available over here, ones that are a lot more based in providing that vintage lady with not only a gorgeous and feminine compact for her powder, but additionally her rogue or blusher.

There's a quick sneak preview of some of my new ones. As you can see, standing up on their little plate stands you can just see how varied and different compacts can be from one another. I have started to find that the non English compacts do tend to be a bit more varied in their shapes rather then merely round or square. But there are some very exciting new additions, including a self cleaning mirror mechanism, hidden rouge compartments, state maps and intact Jergens foundation.


  1. these compacts are completely gorgeous and I love how the vintage feel of the photos adds detail to the actual compacts, lovely =)

    Hannah xx

  2. These are so, so pretty - I think this is such a lovely hobby/interest to have :-)

  3. What a neat thing to collect. Vintage compacts certainly are beautiful, you've done a swell job displaying them!

    xoxox mama wolf.

  4. I feel envious! these compacts are just perfect. Have to get one, somewhere, somehow.

  5. Hello Rachael,
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    peek at all my lovelies.

    I love you banner. Did you do the
    bird drawing?

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    Have a peaceful and happy day,