Sunday, 30 January 2011

Vintage crochet wedding gloves. a do or a don't?

Being a gal that crochets its only fitting to add my favourite past time into the whole wedding thing. I did start making a shawl (see below) I saw in the crochet magazine Crochet Today, I started it and hated the yarn, then brought some cotton based wool and restarted but haven't got very far with it. I really should - it would be easier to just take the shawl rather then four balls of yarn. 

The first crochet shawl version before it got frogged for a few reasons - one that it wasn't feeling soft secondly it wasn't crocheting up neatly at all, there was gaps and it just wasn't looking nice. However lovely the pattern was working out.
One of  my favourite places to find old vintage crochet patterns is the flea market in Pickering, there's normally a stand with a huge basket mixture of vintage knitting and crochet patterns in all kinds of conditions and the crochet patterns are normally old little booklets of doilys. There's always too many to pick between.

The wheat ear booklet is just as normal as its other counterparts, filled with a mixture of table runners, large and small single doily and sets for a vintage girls dresser or edging to towels or chair runners. Yet this booklet in particular by Coats (publication no 773 originally published in 1968, reprinted in 1980) has a pattern for some crocheted gloves. I've seen some before in vintage shops and they always look so feminine and delicate. 

The gloves fit snugly to the length of your fingers with and elasticated band fastening around the wrist. The wheat ear pattern designed as a trimming to be sewn at the end onto the backs of the gloves.
I love just how pretty they are, but maybe it would be all to over the top with a crocheted shawl too, maybe it would get all confused with wearing them, then taking them off and then with rings on. But oh i'm so tempted. Any ideas, should I make them?


  1. I would!! I think its so you! I think it would be more special if you made them. Something new! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. @ Melaine - now you say it like that its very tempting indeeeed.

  3. I think they would look beautiful for a wedding! Do :D x