Thursday, 27 January 2011

Vintage meets marks and sparks

I may be late jumping on this band wagon but Marks & Sparks seem to have some rather pretty vintage inspired ditsy kind of things. Think vivid flowers, cute cake stands and cotton napkins and your half way there. They're terming it "fashion vintage" which I guess is just another reflection on the increasing consumer interest of vintage apparel, whatever it may be.

Left to right, top row; 3D Multi Flower cushion £45, Elizabeth Cup & Saucer £7.50; Vintage Floral Cushion £19:50, second row - Kirstie Allsopp Sewing Basket £19:50, Love Texture Cushion £29:50, Kirstie Allsopp Cake Stand £19:50. 

I hadn't even known Kirstie Allsopp was doing a range for Marks and Spencer's - there isn't much, a cake stand, a teacup and saucer and odd other little things but I do like the sewing box. Its rather quirky and very pretty and looks a brilliant size to keep everything together.

Being a crochet gal, how could I not post their crocheted items?! There seem to be more in their catalogue then there is on their website - or I'm just being blind and I can't find them. So there's only three to show here, and they don't look as impressive as they do in the books but it gives you an idea at least. Either way it's rather refreshing to see crocheted items on sale, knowing you could make something pretty much the same for a faction of the price - the crochet rug below being a case in point.

Left to right - Fashion vintage crochet rug £250, Crochet runner quilt £75

But anything that gets crochet back into the eyes of the public can only be a good thing right?


  1. Oh that first cusion is just gorgeous!!

  2. Oh, these are my weak spots too, beautiful.

  3. "Fashion Vintage"--great term. I adore those items you have pictured. Especially that first pillow--how darling is that! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, thank you again for visiting my blog. So nice to "meet" another crochet gal from across the pond! Victoria

  4. oh wow, I wish I can get my hands on all the floral items!!


  5. I'm loving this range, I have such a soft spot for homeware!