Thursday, 24 February 2011


Belts over clothes - is it something only tall or skinny or no boobed people can pull off? I've seen around on the net how it's the prefect way to create yourself an hour glass figure - that's if you haven't got one already. But what happens if you already do have that figure or your small or you have boobs - can you still wear your belt over your clothes with pride?! Or is it a trend, people of all shapes and sizes should stay clear of? I've heard both opinions.

I'm a curvy girl and i've tended towards using the belt over clothes look. Not over everything - haven't over coats and only a few over cardis - i'm more likely to tend to opt for this if i'm wearing a dress or a skirt. But I definitely op for wearing a belt over a pretty top. My mam, she likes to get her thoughts involved, says I wear said belts too high - I sit them against my ribs - just under my boobs what's the preferred blogging terminology for boobs?! Rather then drawing your eyes towards my chest I always think having the belt there is like having an pendant necklace or wearing a v shaped top - it attracts your eyes elsewhere.

Dress - Yumi
Cardi - New Look
Belt - New Look (brought in a sale for £2 baaargin)
Necklace - H and M

A good or a bad look?

Being an hourglass/curvy shape naturally I often feel a bit drowned out by some clothes out there. they'll fit perfectly on the top, but they'll just floppily hang off my chest or so it seems, or they just seem helplessly shapeless in to start with. Adding the belt just tightens and pulls the fabric in enough to flatter and recreate what I naturally have.

But what's your take on the belts over clothes debate?

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  1. i think there's no clear cut rule on this coz i put belts too, and my hips are kinda big so sometimes it makes my hips waaay bigger than it is which is a no no but sometimes, depending on the fabric/cut, it looks good :) so just continue what you're doing but if you're in doubt when it comes to a certain outfit, then dont :)