Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Patisserie Valerie may be my new downfall

This week a new Patisserie Valerie has just opened up in York. I've seen one once - well dribbled on the window down in London a few years ago, and it looks like they are starting to branch out more across the UK. Since 1926 they've been introducing the taste of French pastries and continental cakes, breakfasts to the English. Our pharmacist at work decided to treat us all to a slice, I went for the carrot cake - a random choice some might say but when they are done right they are brilliant

I love how your cake slice comes wrapped in a little box, finished off with an ever so cute pink bow. 

Unraffle and peek inside ....

For £2.95 (add an extra £1 if you want to eat in) and you get the above sized slice. It's huge! So sticky and covered in a thick covering of cream cheese, the carrot cake was so lovely and moist with an extra bite of some nuts in too. Nevertheless it does verge of the edge of being too sickly, you really couldn't eat any more and the last couple of mouthfuls were a struggle. To be honest this sized slice would be enough to spare really - more then enough to get a good taste and nibble from. Watch out for your fingers thought - more then a little sticky at the end.

It's definitely a place i'd go back to for a treat - their pastries and tarts look delicious in the window, and even their huge celebration cakes would make ideal birthday or even wedding cakes.I have it on good authority that the chocolate cake is scummy too.

So very nomnomnom - a lovely treat indeed.

Oh and I should of mentioned this the first time - it's along Feasegate, it's taken over where Athena use to be, by the back entrance to BHS. 


  1. Oh wow, I want! ;-) Yum. Kori xoxo

  2. OOh I think I'm heading your way! Sounds delightful!
    Thanks for the comments, I'm really happy !
    Hugs Suex

  3. I'm in York tomorrow, will turn on my carrot-cake-radar its never been known to fail yet.

  4. oh yikes, where is it? I have to go when I come over x

  5. That look so delicious!!!!!!I would love to try some of this cakes!!

  6. Wow that box is just so pretty!

  7. I went there in the summer, haha, I was on a ward trip with the other EDU girls and we had to have a snack out...we figured we may as well be decadent!

  8. @ Miss Matilda it's down along Feasegate - where Athena use to be, just past the back entrance to BHS,.

  9. thank you darling, i think so too! and they were exteremly cheap!! :)) x
    following your blog btw ;) X

  10. That looks so moist and yummy!! :) xx