Thursday, 24 February 2011

YORK: Cliffords Tower

I heard on the old local news how Clifford's Tower in York was the one local attraction that had increased it's visitor numbers in the past year. Figures showed that the tower was up 3 per cent in visitor footfall which is worth considering especially against the National Railway Museum a place me and Joe loved messing around playing like children at was down 16 per cent during the same period. So I thought was the perfect excuse to post some of the happy pictures from when me and Joe was there seeing I kind of gave up blogging around the same time.

Even at night the tower is worth a look especially when its all lit up like this.

The site upon which the now only the ruins of Clifford's Tower stands became the principle site for defending the city of York, especially against anti Norman attacks and later continued to play a crucial role in serving as the royal seat for governmental control during the medieval period. If you want to see York was a different view Clifford's Tower offers a totally different 360 degrees picture of the city and for £3.50 per person adult price it's more then worth a look-see. After a steep trawl up some stone steps you can climb up to the top of the tower and walk around three quarters of the top - from which you can see from brilliant view of the city from the Minster, to hills and Moors in the distance. On a sunny day the sights are glorious.

The only thing that is slightly lacking about the tower is there's nothing else much to really see - apart from the views and a couple of boards to read, that's all and a tiny shop so don't expect huge touristy things to see and do.


  1. Maybe the reason it has gone up in popularity is that they have taken down the sign at the bottom of the steps that listed 25(!) warnings and prohibitions, whenever I passed there was always a queue of tourists taking photos of the sign but none of them went up hahaha.

  2. Home sick now! I can see my old dance school from you photo at the top of the tower!!

  3. looks like you had a fun day:)