Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Violet doilie

Out of the bunch of vintage crochet patterns that the crocheted gloves I blogged about on Sunday (still please suggest if the vintage gloves would be a good idea for a wedding) my favourite was produced by Coats. Orginally retailing for the low price of 15 pence (if only they still were that cheap) the booklet features ten seasonal doily's, their titles and designs reflecting spring flowers blooming, leaves, windmills and so on. 

The vintage crochet patterns.
I've only got around to making my first doily from these patterns last Sunday and the pattern I picked was one that had been catching my eye ever since i'd stumbled over the booklets. Named "violet doily" its made from three different shades of cotton, with pretty little flowers somewhat reflecting a pansy embedded between a brilliant white background of trebles and chains and some sweet little leaves.
Adding the flowers which were made in the same row, making at one point huge clusters of 15 trebles on, the leaves were added singularly around the flowers.
The ring of flowers and leaves were finished off with three rows of treble chains. I'll admit that it's the first doily that's ever really worked out completely right, it feels and looks right whereas I've had some that have turned out too stiff, lopsided or bumpy. This one needed the tiniest of presses with the iron to gently flatten it out and it's now ready to use. The tonal shades of the yarn of the flowers alongside the use of more then one colour within a doily has won me over, it just seems to catch the eye a little more.

My dad suggested making doilys to sell, on say etsy for example or maybe even ebay. Maybe some day. Not sure if there's a market really for hand/home ones, and half the trouble would be giving them away when they are so pretty so I tend weirdly to see them as my babies, well crafty beings. Although it would be interesting to hear peoples opinions on this - if there is a market out there. 


  1. They are beautiful! Amazing that you made them. I always buy doilies if I see them at jumble sales, they are too pretty! x

  2. Beautiful! I'd like to have a shawl made of doilies.

  3. Very lovely! I wish I had your talent. I buy doilies whenever I see them at the thrift store!!

  4. i love doilies, can never resist buying some when i spot them and you've done such a fantastic job of making them!