Wednesday, 16 February 2011


As long and overstated as it might sound, a pair of boots actually changed my wardrobe. After leaving university - yeah like lets see over a year ago, my sense of "fashion" or at least my sense of who I was when it came to clothing myself vanished. I no longer had shops to wander and look around on the way too or between lectures when I couldn't face another day in the library. I didn't have to dress myself every day because my day became 9:30 to 6 at work with a horrid uniform [I may be pushing the boundaries with wearing a non company black cardi - i'm rebelling for sure] with an hour and half each way commuting. When I got home I just wanted to laze in comfy baggy clothes. Plus being in an LDR you don't have that need to dress up and impress your OH every day/date because between Skype you can't really see such detail. See LDRs have their good sides at times!

Then I found these boots; they keep going down in price even now (I got them for £23.99 in the brown shade) not only are they the most comfiest boots i've ever owned by they seem to go with almost ANYTHING! Skinny Jeans. Yes i've mentioned those jeans again - these are the boots that made me want to retry them. Oh and they go with skirts, dresses - so much so that i've even brought some! You name it

While they look a bit "heavy" they don't feel it when your wearing them, and I love the flappy bits around the edging. What is more they even have some grips on the bottom - okki not really needed now but at least you don't have that fear of slipping on say wet leaves. I have been known to do that, or even on drain covers in the middle of footpaths - i'm a walking liability for sure. 

The boots in action with those jeans again;
 Saturday (what I actually wore - not trying on)
Cardi - H and M
Top - Zara (brought in the sale)
Necklace - Primark
Jeans - Dotty P's
Boots - New Look
Handbag (seen in the mirror) - H and M

Boots do seem to be everywhere at the moment, I think they deserve more loving especially if they are practical and i would use the word "pretty" but it's not the word i'm looking for. Maybe its not all down to the Boots - the OH is over in two weeks and I did need a new reason for some new clothes.

Have you given into some boots loving or you more a heel kinda gal?


  1. I'm really 50/50. I LOVE my heels but couldn't live without my flat boots.

  2. The boots are fantastic. I've been on the look out for the perfect biker pair, I'm actually tempted to spray paint my pink Doc Martins black...

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. dudeeee you look super hot in that zara top haha!!

  4. i agree, the first time i bought boots, it changed my wardrobe. now, i loooove boots! i have 3 that i always use. :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. your boots are lovely! =)

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  6. i really love this type of shoes very nice and attractive design so beautiful amazing post

  7. I love boots but I can't wear them out too often with the hot and humid weather here and I love how heels accentuates the slimness of the legs.

  8. @ hannah - go for spray painting them - it sounds so fun! could look interesting if it starting peeling too and you saw the pink through the black!

    @ Lisa - hahaha I do like that Zara top - was a brilliant bargain in the sales - down to £3.99 and it's such a lovely pink.

  9. love your style & your blog is lovely
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  10. these boots are really nice, glad you feel ocnfident in them cause they hella suit you!!! :D

  11. I love to see what other people are wearing--fun post. I especially enjoy the thoughtfulness behind everything you bought and put together.

    I have always wanted tall leather boots--heels, riding boots, etc. But I have such bird legs (truly--think Twiggy) that boots flop around my calves. I can never wear them. However, an ankle boot, such as yours, would probably work out for me.

    I wear slippers around my house--light green suede with a lavender tie--LL Bean; I adore them. But when I do go out, I almost always wear heels. I've got bad feet to prove it!