Sunday, 6 February 2011

PROJECTS: Homemade Stamped Invites

Yesterday we ordered the stamps to make our wedding invites. It's a huge step in the wedding direction so its actually something constructive for once. We can't really plan too much because it's still all dependent on visas and moving dates and things from which I'll be married hopefully by October this year. It feels like we're not sorting anything when we should, so something like at least decorating and making the invites is at least fruitful.

If you've been reading around on my blog lately you'll know I have a bit of a thing for Love Birds (hence wanting a tattoo) and it somehow came about Joe suggesting it for our invites. I think we're always been a bit too different, rustic with crafty elements to go down the manufactured mass produced computerised invite so we've decided to stamp and make our own!

We've chosen this personalised love bird carved rubber stamp from an online store on Etsy called Cupcaketree. It's a brilliant collection on there of stamps for all sorts of occasions or general everyday occurrences. So ours will have R + J in the love heart. They are so cute and sweet, not totally vintage, but rustic in its own way. 

We're hoping to stamp them onto plain card sized as a postcard. One side with the above love birds and upon the other side another "vintage" styled postcard stamp we've ordered from Jo Ann Fabrics. This stamp will be the base upon which we'll fill the details of the guests name and wedding information (to be filled in later when we actually know).

Next we just have to decide on ink and card colours, that's the difficult part, can't wait till we get to make them when we're back together in four weeks, be so exciting!


  1. aww, how cute! CONGRATULATIONS. that is a really cute idea for a wedding invite. :D

    i am now your newest follower.


  2. oh what a lovely, lovely idea! You must show us the end result of the invites:)


  3. I think this idea is absolutely adorable!!! I love the love birds. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Oh they're going to look great- I love the bird stamp :) x

  5. I'll definitely show you all the final thing!