Friday, 4 February 2011

The English gal and the American game

Today in the post i got a lovely lovely present from Joe's Gran, a lady who's totally welcomed me into the family and who's been so kind and warming to me, she was the first person we told about getting engaged too. So the present was this amazing Steelers Terrible Towel, a special commemoration one in honour of them reaching the Super bowl final this Sunday against the Packers down in Texas.

I won't even dare claim I know anything about American Football, i'm following them by default seeing Pittsburgh is the home town of Joe therefore its natural to just want to follow them too, especially when it 's something he and his gran followers. We keep an eye out on the Detroit Lions but they aren't as good - or so it seems, but they'll probably be the first games I get to see, seeing we'll be living in Detroit, till we can get down to see the Steelers either way.

To some extent it does just look like British rugby but with men slightly scared by tackles (hence the head gear) but them tackles aren't half interesting, and the pace is something different too. Not that I know anything about rugby either, I'm just a semi hearted Newcastle United Football fan so its all a different ball game to me (literally).

Then I got super excited about finding out the Superbowl final was going to be live on the BBC over here. Yeeey. But then I have work on Monday and it doesn't start till late, I'm determined to get to half time before I do my normal zonking.

So if your following or supporting anyone in the Superbowl, who you backing?!

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  1. I have no clue about anything sports related haha. I envy people who do!