Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine Love Birds

Valentines day can be rather hard for those of us in long distance relationships. Everywhere in town today could I see couples - thousands of them, looks like they somehow multiplied over night and  they all seemed to have had today off work. Lucky for some! There's nothing I'd love more to be spending today with Joe - we still haven't spent a valentines day physically together. But mentally we're in the same space and that's more then enough for us. We did spend each other days though - cards which actually turned up on time, it's always a first, presents are on hold till we go on holiday in ...

18 days
Not that i'm counting
It was funny watching men doing their last minute valentines day shopping rushing somewhat in their dinner breaks; and to be honest there was a lot of girls doing the same too. Men with huge bags of chocolates - often teenage lads while looking at cheesy gifts. It all somehow made valentines day a forgotten, last minute deal to them. I even saw heart designed tinsel in Clintons. Weird.

Granted love and thanks should be given daily in a relationship. You shouldn't need one day as a reason/excuse to treat your partner. Being in an LDR you see the importance of little things every day - of finding time to talk, spend a way of being together and to be positive.

Happy valentines how ever and whoever your spending it with.


  1. Aw happy vday!

    The Flower Girl

  2. Happy belated Valentine's day sweetie!! Aww I'm sorry you and Joe couldn't be together this v-day but you guys have true love & when you see each other it'll be like no time has passed. =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. Aw thank you melanie! 16 days and we get to have our valentines day. Its going to go so faaast!

  4. ohh i might have to try some of the LUSH handcreams. smitten sounds like it would be cute!
    thanks for the tip!

    and yes how cute was it to see a little prince and a message that read he's waiting to be kissed! :P