Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I can be a sucker for hair styling products and i've been eyeing up various sea salt, tousled, beach look tagged products for a while. While in Superdrug the other day I came across their expertise shop version of the Sea Salt Spray for £2.39ish I thought it would be worth a try for while i'm away - save on having to properly straighten it every day and offer it a little protection from the winter weather still around. I gave it a test run but the outcome wasn't as good as I hoped.

The aim hair something like this, or at least one would hope;
Image from here
My hair is naturally thick, it's I guess long and dyed and the ends are in a bit of a state but that's another matter. It says to just spray the product onto dry hair from 5 - 10cm away. It seemed to apply rather well across my hair but you should feel it setting like hairspray. They advice you to roughen your hair up with your fingers to give that just left the beach look. Sadly my hair seemed to go a little well limp? It roughened it up yes in so much that it helped with the volume but for some reason I was slightly expecting a more naturally curly roughened look. 
Slightly roughened around the edges and a little added volume but nothing more. Maybe i'm asking or wishing for too much? Perhaps I over straightened it first, but normally without my hair just turns into a fizz ball. I had a quick google around and there's recipes if you could call it that suggest making your own using 8fl oz of water be it bottled, distilled or boiled and one to two tbsps of sea salt into a spray bottle. Maybe that's worth a try instead. I'll definitely give it another try after less straightening, I do want it to work because I think it could be a brilliant carefree look. I did try it again the day after before heading off for work - it did seem to work better but still not the tousled wavy locks I had pictured. Still a work in progress methinks.

Has anyone else had any experiences of the old sea salt upon the locks? Good bad or indifferent?


  1. Ah I love the beachy wave look.
    I use Lee Staffords stuff, but make sure I add a few drops of serum to my hair to get some shine and avoid frizz.
    And blow drying upside down on a cool setting helps rough it up a bit. :)

  2. I've got quick thick naturally wavy hair and have tried the Toni and Guy spray on them a bit. Sometimes it seems to work wonderfully and just makes my hair look that bit more fashionable; other times my hair just goes crusty and limp. I haven't yet figured out the whys and the wherefores, so I always leave myself time for an emergency wash whenever I use it - perhaps not the best recommendation for a product! If you do come up with any tricks to use it successfully, please do pass them on!

  3. I've tried that spray..it did sod all,!

  4. @ Kelly - i've never had any good experiences with Lee Stafford's stuff but maybe that might be worth a go!

    @ Frances - I hate how you never seem to get the same outcome with the same products on different goes. Never get to know what's the right way of going it.

    @ Daisychain - I think that's my opinion of it too

  5. I wish I can have my hair all tousled up and still look that great too!

  6. I think your hair looks lovely, though it sounds like that product didn't impress you v much?! I was tempted to buy some for glasto, that way i can get away with having dirty hair as it'll be messy chic...no?!