Friday, 2 October 2009

Let Yourself Go

"If you get into your dance you'll forget your woe"

In 1936 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers appeared side by side in the RKO Mark Sandrich directed movie Follow the Fleet. With songs and music credited to Irvin Berlin it was sure to be a success. With many of it's songs still known and acknowledged within contemporary society - especially "Lets face the music and dance", this film is most often noted for featuring some of Astaire and Rogers most known and appreciated dancing, and in their career spanning ten films together, is the only to feature Rogers in an individual tap routine. Yet it was a troubled film with Rogers walking out midway in 1935 rehearsals claiming exhaustion and unequal treatment, with her return only coming are a resettlement of wages.

It is a plot following the separated dancing partners of "Bake" Baker (Astaire) and Sherry (Rogers) with a nautical theme throughout. It's songs, its dancing and its acting have led to to always be my favourite and most cherished Astaire and Ginger film, it's the film I probably go around singing the most because the songs are not only memorable, but funny.

And it is "Let yourself go" a song sung by Ms Rogers featuring a backing trio with a very young Betty Grable, it's big band style and power has always excited me. While I haven't sat and watched the film for months this song always appears in my head, and currently it's been stuck on replay for the past two days.


  1. What a lovely song, I had completely forgotten about it!

    You have the most adorable blog, it's wonderful! I'm also a follower & I shall add you to my blogroll.


  2. Lovely post, my dear. I tend to veer towards skirts and dresses, but if I could make my trouser based outfits look as adorable - and stylish - as Ginger's, I would definitely be more inclined to sport vintage pants :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I know Ginger certain did have some gorgeous style, and some of her dresses in the dancing numbers are to die for!

    And welcome Madeline hope you enjoy reading my blog, thank you again! xx

  4. this is one of my absolute favourites...and I ADORE Ginger, so thanks for this post.