Monday, 19 October 2009

Technical Hitch

Due to the delights in the ease of modern technology giving up [oh they don't make things like they use to] my laptop has ceased to work another day. So while I'm "borrowing" the parents my posting may come a little hit and miss till I can grow a money tree to buy my own!
Hopefully this won't be for too long and I will be coming back to check [daily I'm hoping] and see what everyone else is up too!
And if anyone in the UK knows of any decent laptop deals on the go at the moment then I'd love to know about them!
Happy blogging!

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  1. Can't wait to see you back!

  2. My lap top broke last week.
    My OH kindly purchased the Samsung N130 net book for me, the limited ed breast cancer pink ribbon one. It was from n arrived in 3 days at £249.98

    Hope you get sorted soon. x

  3. Ah thanks for that Miss Matlida! I'm gonna get on the case of the searching for a new one. I'm feeling a little lost without it already! x

  4. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and helping with the advice! I'd say Apple Mac laptops are great but they are pricy...but they'll last you a while! If you know a student you could get a discount? Otherwise I hear Dell do good deals? xxx

  5. Love your blog. Hopefully you can't keep posting!

  6. Aww thanks for all your lovely messages folks! Hopefully i'll be back into normal service asap!

  7. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your compute woes, honey. Fingers firmly crossed that if a miraculous "second wind" isn't able to befall your computer, then that a stellar bargain on a new comes your way soon.

    We'll all miss you, but can fully understand (I know I've certaily been in the "dead 'puter" boat a time or two in my day).

    Hugs & best wishes,
    ♥ Jessica