Saturday, 10 October 2009

Over the threshold

I'm a big dreamer, and one thing, one part of my future that I have countless number of ideas for, is the day I get to buy my own house. With the hardest part tying to get onto the ladder - especially for first time buyers this may not be the easiest of tasks and its a dream that at the moment is probably years away seeing I can't even get my job/PhD sorted. But that is not going to stop a girl from daydreaming.

From living in Newcastle for the past four years, threes of these were spent dwelling within long Geordie terraced Victorian houses - and here has started my lovely daydream for these architectural homely delights.
While the terraced housing I lived in was often damp, cold [due to other house-mates having a disliking to living in a house with the heating on] and lacking many of its original features, these housing were packed full of potential - all they needed was some time, money, a bit of love and a lot of effect miracles could really occur. And with a load of vintage loving care they could make a perfect little family home. While terraced streets line row upon row in cities built upon the industrialisation of the UK, they have an established element of British history. Many in turn where demolished - most often considered unsanitary and unsafe two-up-two-down back to back housing in the 1960s, yet only to be replaced by dreary council block housing, ripping up community after community.

I want a house which has, or can easy be refitted with its "original features". I know it's a line that is used and reused oh so often within house redecoration and rejuvenation, but it's something I mean to do. I want to re breathe life back into an old house, make its features shine and be born into contemporary society, with a vintage twist but a homely, practical feel.

So many of the student housing still had their delightful and original cornicing and ceiling roses, yet many were over-painted way beyond their years, their features, patterns and styles over painted and covered, caked over in paint.
Yet with the introduction of central heating and gas powered fires, so many of the original fireplaces, grates and their surrounds have been removed. None of the houses I lived in still had any of their original fireplaces, this is in houses with more then 6 rooms per building.

One of the most important elements I'm a daydreamer about, is having a little yard. While I'm far from knowing anything about gardening I dream of a place to relax and chill out, reflect on a lazy summers afternoon, watching the sun setting, the birds sweetly singing and some big band music on quietly in the background, just taking in the world and everything around me.

One day hopefully I'll get my house of a dream, come true.


  1. Never underestimate the profound powers that daydreams can carry with them. I allow myself to indulge in the pleasure of daydreaming nearly every day - it can often be something of a sanity saver during rough times and can also help to bolster joy on good days. I wish you the utmost of success in one day seeing your dream come to light (I have the very same dream, too!), my friend.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Fabulous rooms, both inside and out!