Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Postcard From the Past

[click for larger, and clearer image]
Through sorting out the half of my grans old photograph albums we stumbled across an old postcard sent to my granddad from his grandma. Capturing Hirst Wood near Skipton in West Yorkshire - where his grandma lived, we're assume from the postmark that the postcard was sent to my granddad in Hull, East Yorkshire in the September of 1930. Stamping the penny red stamp at possibly 6 or 8 [?] AM [if anyone else can read this any better - I'd be glad to hear your thoughts!].

I think the simplicity of this post should be left in stating the note between grandma and grandson ... sometimes simplicity is best ....

"Dear Arthur,
How would you life to go rambling in this wood?
That is what I've been doing,
With love,


  1. This is very touching! I love reading old postcards and seeing old photos!

  2. So quaintly lovely. That postmark has held up fairly well, considering how aged it is. To me it looks a tad more like an eight than a six, but it really could have been either one.

    Delightful find, thank you for sharing this postcard from the past with us.

    Have a gorgeous Monday & month of November, my friend!