Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween Photos!

What a perfect excuse to trawl through the infamous and my favourite Life Magazine for some Halloween inspired vintage photographs! Over here in the UK I think the promise and the magic of Halloween is only ever increasing, while its moving away from the original pagan festival its a night of the dark, the mysterious and hidden promises!

I remember trick or treating as a child and having a bucket of water thrown over myself and my friend from the bathroom window and the howl of laughter as we were drenched. Looking back it was a happy time!

[In 1940 the guests of the American radio actress Doris Dudley enjoy an eventful Halloween party. Photographed by John Philips the guests include (left to right) the radio actress Adelaide Klien, Doris Dudley, an unknown male guest and Joan Havoc - her facial expression is priceless!!]

[The same party as above Doris Dudley and June Havoc are captured chatting and relaxing after the party]
[Student from Fricot Ranch School enjoy and celebrate Halloween in a cave based party. Taken in 1958 by Nat Farbam we are the guests of witches; ghouls; bats and masks]
[A child is captured in his skeleton costume all set for Halloween in 1960]

[Hubert Humphery, the former vice President under President Lydon (I think) is captured in 1964 enjoying a mid flight Halloween party]

Have a spooky Halloween!


  1. Such festively fantastic shots! I enjoyed seeing these all so much, thank you for posting them, honey!

    Joyful wishes for a marvelous Halloween weekend!!!
    ♥ Jessica