Friday, 30 October 2009

Shirley and I

Whenever I see old pictures of myself from my childhood, say of me four and under, I'm always shocked at how much I look like Shirley Temple [the infamous innocent looking child actress].

And its not only me and my eyes which think this. The ringlets for curly hair has been a trait passed down one side of my family, yet get to the age of six and a shorter hair cut they vanished. I still have some element of my natural curl left, but not as good, or as pretty as they once were. But then maybe all young children with ringlet hair look like little Ms Temple.

Its good to see pictures of your childhood to see where your from, how you've changed, how you once were. I was a child always dressed in dresses of all kinds, I was a go happy, ribbon in my hair, red shoe wearing child. Its weird in comparison - as you can tell from yesterdays post I'm not the best, or the most confident in wearing dresses, yet I still love red shoes!

[Shirley Temple, image taken from here]
[Peek a boo! Me and Shirley even share the same dress it seems!]
[Such skinny legs, curly leg and pretty shoes!]

And while I remember, I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!


  1. That is just too adorable, and I see it as well - instantly! I think it's delightful that you both looked so similar.

    Have a beautiful Sunday, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Aww thank you both for your sweet words. Its very weird seeing pictures of myself when I was young, I never seemed to be out of a dress, now I need to be pretty much paid to be in one!

  3. Aww you were such an adorable little girl!