Thursday, 29 October 2009

My hatred of shopping ...

Okay, I'll admit it - I hate clothes shopping, I have a horrid, horrid time trying to find anything at goes anywhere near suiting me. There's probably a few reasons why -

  • a) My head still thinks I'm two sizes larger then I am. Being once a 16 my head when picking things thinks I'm still that size and I'm therefore still relearning what things suit a size 12.
  • b) I have big boobs - and I hate them, even after loosing weight they haven't decreased - oh how I wish they would. They really are the vain of my life!
  • c) I am an hourglass figure even with larger boobs I have hips [of which I like - they keep my jeans up half the time]. But clothes just don't seem to fit, when I say this I mean dresses in particular and skirts to an extent. I WANT to be able to wear them! But they never fit/hang/style right. They'll fit on the boobs but just drown me out.
So today it feels like I wasted five hours of my life [mind you being unemployed I don't have anything else to do] clothes shopping for my graduation. I could of gone down the monochrome black and white look, which if anyone knows the associated football team of Newcastle it really would have been appropriate. Instead I went for purple, it's my favourite colour anyway.

But I just don't know if I now like it. In the shop when I tried it on it looked great! Now at home I'm not too sure, I have the fear it makes me look bigger then I actually am.

[Up close its a mixture of material and styles, it is very pretty]
It definitely needs black tights and more then probably some kinda hold me in scaffolding from the old M&S. I still don't know if I like it, hmmm. Maybe its because I'm not use to seeing me in a dress, or its too short, or the wrong colour, or makes me look all boob. But at least with graduations the gowns are always too big so they'll hide whatever I wear anyway!

Maybe it'll grow on me, until then back to the trousers and wishing I had legs like Betty Grable [but then again don't we all!].


  1. Oh honey, I'm right there with you in not being able to find a lot of clothes that fit. The mass clothing industry just doesn't cater to hourglass figures anymore because there's very few females that have them. First because not very many wear foundation garments to mold them into an hourglass and naturally speaking it's pretty rare. I've got a 28" waist and 42" hips, without any type of foundation garment and finding bottoms unless they're a-line or full cut skirts is an absolute nightmare!

  2. The dress looks great...Just add those little black tights and your away...

  3. wow, I really really love that dress, you look incredible

  4. Gorgeous girl, you (and that cute dress!) look fantastic. Silence that inner critic and just bask in how lovely you are! :)

    Your fellow hour glass sister,
    ♥ Jessica


    Just moi, but I would be more inclined to pair this dress with white or nude, small "diamonded" fishnet hose.

  5. Ooo the white or the nude tights might be a plan, thank you Jessica, I'll need to spend a morning having a complete pander to my wants and try everything and anything I have with the dress and see what magics up!