Saturday, 17 October 2009

My Guilty Strictly Pleasure

Since starting as as student [what feels like years and years ago now] I've been a fan of the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. By taking a bunch of male and female B and C list celebrities, partner them up with professional dance partners and have four professional judges and you get a show for all the family.

Far from being the fan of "reality" tv, or following a "journey" its the performances, the dresses and the dances. My knowledge of dances itself is limited to musicals and Fred and Ginger Rogers but just being able to see something that is entertaining, fun and bringing dancing back to the masses.

As for my favourite this year, I'm backing the former Eastenders star Natalie Cassidy she just has a passion and excitement for the dancing that is riveting.

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  1. No need to feel guilty in the least, I think that to fully get the most out of life it's wise to pull interests from all facets of culture, the arts and whatever else in the wide world may bring you happiness :)

    Wishing you a deeply wonderful week ahead, my friend!
    ♥ Jessica