Tuesday, 2 August 2011

LIFE: Berries and Cherries

One of the things I love about the end of summer creeping into the autumn months is being able to pick and eat home grown fruits. I can't take any of the credit for growing them - that goes down to the parents, but I do enjoy eating them. We brought this house with an apple tree so we've always had millions of apple for crumbles and pies, then with an allotment we've added raspberries, brambles [or blackberries as some call them], rhubarb and even a grape bush - but that saw a death after my dad hacked it down. I don't think he was intending to kill it but it's never grown back. He did the same with the eucalyptus tree, I was devastated because my childhood bear was a koala and had imagines of him starving. I was an odd child. 

And I can't stop eating cherries ... nomnomnom

So today is Tuesday and it's now August, they keep talking about how the Christmas stock will be coming into work soon so they've been clearing out space in the stock room. Doesn't it feel too early to be thinking about that just yet?! I even have friends who've been Christmas shopping already. Gah. 

I was meant to be spending the day trying to book my medical but i'm a failure and forgot to check how i need my silly police forms first. The case of keeping your head in the sand has creeped up on me. I don't know why, half because I haven't been back home for two years and don't know "official" people well enough to vouch for me. Blah blah. I'm feed up of forms and paperwork, why can't moving just be easy? Just want to be with my boy ... 

Many of you may have seen the graphics and the headers for The August Break 2011, as a girl who loves photography and filling up my blog with my images I though i'd tag along. I'm not one really for jumping on bandwagons but this one seemed fun and not filled with musts and rules - you just share your pictures for the whole of August. Simples?!


  1. Hey lady, beautiful photo-- and I am so jealous. I'm an avid lover of fruit myself and cannot wait to one day have my own little garden to make pies and salads from.

    Good luck with all your forms & your fun little August Break adventure. I can't wait to see lots of photos from the end of your summer!

    Autumn Jordan

  2. Hey petal! It would be so fun to have home made pies every night wouldn't it, with loads of BnJs nomnom!

  3. same here! i love berries-i have been eating so many lately! unfortunately, there are no good places for me to pick fresh berries, so i will have to make do with the ones at the store! :)


  4. We've got a huge area in the garen that's been taken over by wild brambles, I'm often out there foraging for berries, they are divine.
    Love that picture and good luck with getting all that paperwork sorted. x

  5. I wish I had more patience to grow berries. I just know I would slack off and they would take over the yard.

  6. I would love to grow strawberries though, not sure why the parents don't but they always taste so yum straight off the plant.