Monday, 8 August 2011


Top - Marvel @ H&M, Necklace - Topshop sale.
You could say i'm becoming a little obessed with Captain America. I keep getting my head stuck in the tales of him fighting the Red Skull and being found by the Avengers. I could go on ... H&M was advertising this Marvel top in their A/W catalogue under their divided men's range. For £9.99 I thought it was the perfect steal to treat the boy too and add to a random parcel of things I'm sending him [part of which contains a present for his birthday which was in May and totally forgot and some shipment of my things over to their new home]. It's not just me with the Captain America addiction ... honest.

I think I might just have to reclaim it when I move, rather that then having matching his and hers. Tehehehe.


  1. EEK! adore your captain america shirt and your gold butterfly necklace!!

  2. Hehe thank you!

    That necklace was a brilliant steal in a sale, i love it loads because of the dragonfly!

  3. Hahah I have this top stuck in my scrapbook ready to buy! Love the fact someone else shares my weird taste :') x

  4. Hehe if I hadn't of brought it for Joe I perhaps would have got one for myself. I have visions of us going out in the same top some place lol Total Mr & Mrs!

  5. Very cute!

    Pomegranate Jewelry 'Hasina' necklace Giveaway, retail $168. Gorgeous!
    Check it out and don't miss out!


  6. What a cool outfit and very appropriate for a chick with an American amor! x

  7. Love the top! I'm always buying stuff from the men's section...the hoodies especially are always much more cosy :) x

  8. love it!! so cool the t-shirt :D