Friday, 5 August 2011

Comic Geek

I seem to have developed a slight addiction to the graphic novel. When you date a guy to which novels [apparently you don't really call them "comics"] mean a lot, I guess it was going to happen at some point. The level of entry was Captain America - I wanted to see the film [I still really do but I refuse to see it without Joe] but the novels are the next best thing. The idea came as something to keep for in-flight reading [I have a very short attention span and will need about five various reading things to keep me entertained for the three hours on the trains and the eight hour flight]. Then I ended up buying the Winter Soldier and released I couldn't keep it for a minimum of three months without reading it. I tried to resist but Joe tempted me into getting Captain America; the definitive collection which randomly had an extra £3 off when I got to the till! Now its the curse of working out which to read first.

One of the reasons why I got tempted into buying yet alone reading them was because it has vintage origins. Captain America first appeared in the 1940s [the first cover date is 1941 yet on sale at the end of 1940] a year into WWII. In turn Capt America became the visual symbol for the battle the America army and its allies were facing against the Nazi's. While in reality the war was won, in a post war world the power and interest in superheroes began to fade. Nevertheless a recent revival in superheroes [Green Lantern, Thor and the up coming Avenger movie] all intend to keep the superhero light alive.

And then H&M revealed the Captain America tshirt for only £9.99. Its a steal, i'll end up buying it for JJ and then sleeping in it myself. The things you do for love hehe :D


  1. I like the way you've embraced Joe's interest, but look at it thru your own viewpoint, with the vintage and social-history angle x

  2. My Uncle collects all things comic-y and I have to say I think it's a great thing to collect - the graphics are just so wonderful to look at, and I do love a good pun or two! x

  3. Yeah trashsparkle its a really good way to read into the kind of American patriotism and nationalism that comes through it too. That's me reading with my sociology head on!

    They are just a fun and different way of reading, you have the pictures there and the words and it all seems to be pictured more vividly.

    How they word sound effects always makes me giggle though lol

  4. I'm a self confessed comic geek, thanks to an friend of mine! When we where together he used to draw me loads of pictures and give me comics to read so I'd understand what he was talking about and the fascination kind of stuck! I'm really into Gotham City Sirens (love Harley Quinn)> Can't wait to see the Captain America film!

  5. Excellent! I'm really getting into graphic novels myself. As someone who doesn't really read that much, they keep me entertained. I've got 'Maus' on the go at the minute!

  6. Haha I know what you mean Lisa - I think I find half the entertainment in the artwork rather then knowing the who's who of the comic world!