Monday, 15 August 2011

Recent hauls

H and M bag with handle - £14.99
I fell in love with this bag since finding it in their A/W catalogue, it comes in three colours - mustard, red and brown. Its a gorgeous style with handle and strap with three inner pockets.

TRESemme smooth glossing spray - £2.20 for 75ml [Superdrug]
Advertised for it's smoothing and nourishing benefits it can be applied to damp or dry hair and contains Argan oil [that product that everyone's raving about]. It's seemed to help my fizzy bits and does provide a good shine and smoothing affect. Perhaps the resulting shine is doesn't rival the affects of the Toni and Guy's finishing spray but then you are paying two thirds less on the Tresemme version. Nevertheless it's a really light product and hasn't left it thick or greasy.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream Tube - £2.10 for 100g [Superdrug]
I'm on a last road attempt at trying to even out and tone my scars and skin. I'm using it alongside Bio-Oil and nothing is occuring as of yet - only that its leaving my skin lovely and soft. I hold my breath on the scar and skin toning however. One advantage however is that its in a handy little tube which is brilliant for carrying around in my bag and it does double up as a fab hand cream too.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Protection Cream - £1.95 for 150ml [on offer at Superdrug]
I've been using Herbal  Essences on and off for years - it's one of them fail safe brands you can always trust. Their products have always left my hair healthy and shiny. I've been keeping an eye out for something to help with the ends. I'm one of those guilty people who don't often pop along to the hairdressers [I don't think i've been for over a year and a half - possibly longer] so my ends are often known to get very spilt and well just generally awful. Often I'd curl my hair and the ends were as rough and fly away as sandpaper. You can apply this product to wet or dry hair by just running it through with your hands onto the ends. Like most of their products - it smells yummy and leaves you hair feeling very soft. It's too early to say if it's protecting my ends or making them anywhere near beautiful but it does feel a lot softer.

Sleek "Flushed" blusher -  £4.25 for 8g [Superdrug]
I had been eyeing up the Topshop blusher but I got tempted towards Sleek after reading some positive blogger reviews. I'm not a fan of a lot of the pinky blushers around at the moment, I have naturally red [gah] cheeks but i just wanted something that offered a little more tint on the apples. It's highly pigmented so a little goes a long way but it's a gorgeous English rose colour. It lasts really well and on the strength of this product alone I would definitely buy more Sleek items.

MUA lipstick shade no. 13 - £1 [Superdrug]
I'd read a few reviews about this red lipstick by MUA and being a fan of their nail varnishes I thought it was time I branched out into the lipstick. I've never been much of a lipstick wearer and so for a pound, I thought it was worth giving it a go. Thing is, I love it. It is very bright so I tend to only apply just a little. And yes as you may imagine for the price it does strain a little, but it lasts!

H&M hair flower clips - £1.99 for two
I adore flower clips, they jazz up my hair for work. Some cheap ones can look unreal and very plastically but H&M have it spot on, plus these ones come in red, purple and black [well the colours I remember at least]. They are a great way of fancying up your pin curls and keeping your hair out of the way. 

What's been rocking your boat beauty wise lately?


  1. Love that purse and would love to hear more about the split ends protection cream, I could really use something that works!

  2. Love the bag, anything palmers is amazing <3
    Lucy xx

  3. I so should try some Mua make-up as seen some great reviews of it :o) Scarlett x

  4. Katie - definitely so good so far on the ends protection. Hopefully can say the same in a couple of weeks

    Lucy - I normally go for the non fragranced version of the Palmer's but I totally forget and i'm still getting my head around the chocolate smell hehe

    Scarlett - MUA is very much worth a go!

  5. Hey hun, I love the H & M bag, I saw that in there the other day and thought it was gorgeous, love satchel styles. Love the sleek blusher and lippie too, I am a big fan of sleek products. xx Great blog, I am following, maybe you can check mine out and follow me back?? xx

  6. I always get my hair clips in h&m, they are a cheap and easy way to brighten up an outfit x

  7. omg i love that bag, i think i need it in my life :') xxx

  8. That bag is amazing. Ahh why can there not be an H&M where I live! Seriously.

  9. The colour of that bag is gorgeous! I want it!

    E :)

  10. I love the bag, it's gorgeous!

  11. That bag is beautiful! Might have to make a purchase x

  12. I love the split end protection cream!! I use it almost everytime I wash my hair!!! The Tres semme spray is good as well although I spray too much on and end up with greasy looking hair. Not cool.

    I also must have the bag!!!!! xx

  13. yeah I noticed today you have to be careful with the tresemme spray, especially if your using both on damp and dry hair. I think my hair suits just one lots of spray.

    Te end cream is gorgeous isn't it - it seems to be doing rather well at the moment. I guess another couple of weeks will reveal the real outcome but my ends are really soft and more manageable!

    Because of that bag alone i'm so glad H&M is in the States - I really would have withdrawal symptoms!