Sunday, 21 August 2011

So, what is inside my bag? The London edition!

Here I am again jumping on a band wagons doing a "what's inside my bag". It's only taken me two years, but I thought I'd do it with a London twist - everything a girl needs for her medical. So here's a peek inside;

1. Palmer's moisturising cream.
2. All the [boring] paperwork for the purpose of the trip - there's a full page medical questionnaire, my vacation records, photographs, maps and a huge booklet. Plus my letter from the USA embassy.
3. Vintage Life magazine - reading material for the train.
4. My diary - it a National Railway 2011 diary filled with old railway posters.
5. Paperchase notebook - full of scribbles and thoughts.
6. More reading material - Hungry Hill by Daphnue du Maurier.
7. Passport - another thing for the medical.
8. You never know when you might get a headache.
9. My purse - crammed full of old receipts and rubbish really.
10. My umbrella - I go through these so bad.
11. Energizer Lithium batteries - I find these are the best batteries for digital cameras, they last far longer then the normal batteries but they aren't the cheapest [£7.99 from Curries] but the price is worth it.
12. Samsung MP3 player - I swear by samsung  who are also the makers of my phone [which I forgot to photograph]. 
13. Oyster card - probably has nothing on it but i'm glad I don't have to go through the hassle of getting a new one. 
14. Small pot of Lush hand cream - another thing I swear by.
15. Pocket map of London with my train timetables. 
[Not photographed is obviously my camera - a snap happy girl could not go to London without that!]

I guess you could say I was very practical in what goes into my handbag [my H&M one which I blogged about the other day]. You'll never see my bag crammed full of makeup or perfume or fancy things - because that's not me. I do my face for the day and leave it at that. That's not to say I'm not taking any beauty things to London, they are just in my other bag. 

Thank you to everyone that put their two pence in and gave me some wonderful ideas for things to go and places to go whilst in London, I've still got a tonne of ideas and I'm not really sure when i'm doing them all but they do include getting some Lola Cupcakes, checking out Forever 21 and visiting The Diner in Caraby St and having a wander around the area - which were all ideas from you lot! So thank you. I might even try and get down to the Natural History Museum to see the gorgeous butterflies they have there at the moment. I'm still dreading the medical but whatever is going to happen is beyond my control and I just have to go with it and breath deeply. It's just one step, an hour or so of my life to get to my boy.

So I hope you're all enjoying what is left of the weekend, at least at the end of this working week there is a bank holiday for the British among us! I also got an email from an old school friend asking how long i'm in American for [errr?] and wondering if I'd photograph his wedding. Now that I'm totally shocked by that suggestion because I don't think I'm that good and I haven't a clue about how you would! I haven't replied with a definite answer, I think its something I need to totally work on. But exciting no?!


  1. I would add a couple of plasters just in case. I always find that my most comforatble shoes develop a rough patch at the most inconvenient moment. Somebody's Law.

  2. Ah so true! I totally forgot about them. Last time I was in London did so much walking it caused the end of one pair of shoes. Yet alone my feet hehe x

  3. good luck with the medical palaver - and when that's done have a lovely time "doing london" x

  4. I'll definitely try trashsparkle x

  5. Good luck - hope it all goes well for you.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. i enjoyed reading this post a lot! i loooove palmer's moisturizing cream! :)

    and i want to check out hungry hill -- i loved daphne du maurier's rebecca! :D

    <3, Mimi

  7. Thank you Liz! I'll let you all know how it goes for sure.

    I would highly recommend [well i'd recommend most of du Maurier's book's, but i'm racing through Hungry Hill it's very much an old time saga about families and love and jealous. It's very gripping but it's making me totally want to reread Rebecca!

  8. Ahh i did my whats in my bag, on friday :) I love reading these posts!
    Lucy x

  9. Great post! I love seeing what's in people's bags - I want to read Hungry Hill :)

  10. ahhhh good luck with the medical. i am sure it will all be fine! love the 'whats in my bag post'! great bag! x

  11. Great post! Wishing you all the very best, my dear! xxx

  12. Your bag must be really heavy!! haha :)

  13. great post - you definitely need an umbrella-ella-ella in London...!!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  14. Hope you have a good time and that you don't let the medical side of your visit put too much of a dampner on things! I'm the same as you - lots of practical stuff and not a lot of make up in my bag, and I just refuse to go anywhere without Compeed, which I'd recommend if you're walking a lot :)
    Exciting news about the wedding, you should really consider it, great oppurtunity :)

  15. Adorable post m'dear, hope you have fun in London! I just got back from there myself (went to see "wicked" the musical, it was absolutely amazing!)