Saturday, 20 August 2011

I've been on for a while. I guess it's like a facebook for blogger - you get to "like" blogs by voting for them; tag along, befriend and follow your favourite writers. Up take is often slow and it's not got a huge outside appeal or acknowledgement outside of the website but I joined it all the same a couple of months ago to try and up my followers, get my blog a little further into the world and just try and find some more blogs to read myself. Sometimes I do think after two years of blogging I should have more followers. Sometimes I think i'm doing something wrong or that i'm not interesting enough.

Something told me to log on last night, I hadn't for ages and was floating around cyberspace. I checked my wall and had received three messages all saying congrats for getting onto the editors bloggers choice for the day. I was rather WTF?! So there I am, well on Friday night at least. The second editors choice for the day! Who knew my blog was decent enough for that! Saying that today i've been replaced by three more picks of the day.

But even so, it hasn't turned out to equal any more viewers or huge increase in views. Hmmm. I still wonder if i'm doing something wrong when it comes to blogging ... 

If your already on there come and find me [link below] or link yours in my comments box. Anyone have any tips on upping the followers? Or what works well on this blog or blogs in general?


  1. I often wonder whether I'm doing it all wrong but the important thing is to blog about what you love and enjoy what you blog about :-) I do love popping by your blog and you're obviously striking the right chords with other people to have been chosen as an editor's pick!

    Jem xXx

  2. True true Jem! Was so lucky I logged on yesterday, I haven't logged on it for nearly a week hehe was rather a surprise x

  3. I read A LOT of blogs, but I can honestly say hand on heart that your blog is one I check religiously. (read that less creepy)
    I know how you feel about the readers, but it's better to have readers who care than a large number of people who don't give a shit

  4. Aw well done :) I always think what if people don't like what I've wrote, but at the end of the day it's what i like :) I've been lucky so far to get the amount of followers so quick and comments on everything! :D Your doing everything right, your writing what you want, 325 is impressive! :) x
    Lucy xx

  5. Thank you Hazzlenut,I always appreciate your comments. Yeah I know some people get a tonne of followers merely because they do give aways which i've never done so I guess that limits me somewhat.

    I always wonder if because I don't have one key theme or do regular fashion posts it's what keeps me back from being a huge blog, but then i'd get bored posting the same thing everyday.

    That and writers block!

    Thank you LuccyLou, we should all just write and say about what we know best and if that entertains people along the way then that's brilliant x

  6. Tbh, I find the most interesting blogs the ones with no common theme. I do agree, I find it boring just seeing photos of the same people wearing clothes, and could never do it myself. (No offence to anyone who does do it)

  7. Lol I don't think my work uniform would get me far with OTOD's hehe

  8. I have been blogging for two years and have about the same amount of followers. I would much prefer to have a handful of dedicated readers than thousands that I cant build a relationship with. I think you should just keep doing what your doing, there is no point blogging about things your not interested in, it will get tiresome pretty quick. Plus I think your blog is lovely the way it is.

  9. ditto what you say Megan. I sometimes wonder how often any of the people with 800+ followers actually view their page/comment or get followed back.

  10. I rather like your blog and found it on "blogs of note' here on

    I'm just a fledgling blogger myself, still trying to sort out my style and organize my thoughts. Currently I have 0 followers and a grand total of 11 views. I look to your blog as a goal! lol! so try not to worry about pageviews and such. it really is a great blog, and I guess it'll grow in time. :)