Thursday, 25 August 2011

FASHION: Forever 21

One of the things I was getting child likely excited about was visiting Forever 21, half being a sneak peek at American fashion and it's always good at being a nosey. I'd read mixed blogger posts about the store that some of the clothes weren't that impressive, or huge queues and whatever else, but I went with an open mind. I'm always up for a new shopping adventure.  

As an American brand Forever 21 has been open since the mid 1980s originally targeting LA's local Korean population. Since then it's opened stores globally, with shops in Canada, the Middle East and Europe. Following store openings in 2010 in Dublin and Birmingham, Forever 21 opened it's flagship UK in London's Oxford Street. They rival H and M on price but with a Topshop quirky vibe. What they have was a huge range of items across the three floors - a huge denim section, your more Americanised college football tops and hoodies through to your lacy, floral dresses and tops not forgetting, undies, shoes and so much jewellery. I really think there would be something for everyone.

So here's what i got;
 Top one -  £11 something
Top two - £14 something
Dress - £14 something
Necklace - £3.15
(the skirt is from Zara and dragonfly necklace is Topshop)

The dressing rooms were huge, with plenty of hanging space and a very good sized mirror. I was only queuing for five minutes [mind you this was gone 5pm also the downstairs fitting rooms were a lot quieter then their counterparts] but the store was very busy. The only problem is the lighting, as you can tell from the pictures it's not the best and it was very gloomy when your going from the shop floor to the changing rooms. The only other small issues I have is the colour of their bags being neon pink - I don't know I just find it a little trashy. But that is me being very picky. Luckily there's a store in the mall near Joe's house so I don't have to face the fear of now not having anything to wear/buy in America lol

Have you been to Forever 21? What you think of the clothes? Or where's your top fashion store at the moment?


  1. I love Forever 21, it's great for getting trends for cheap! The stores are often so chaotic though! xo

  2. I read about this store, would love to go and have a look, although im not the best with queues and crowds when shopping! Scarlett x

  3. The stores were less chaotic then your typical primark though!

  4. I've been to the large Forever 21 in Birmingham at the Bullring when staying with a friend and thought it wasn't bad, I wasn't impressed with the quality of fabric but I was impressed with the sheer choice available!

    Jem xXx

  5. arent you in for a sweet surprise once you get over here....fashionable speaking that is!

    by the way, i read your blog, but when i try to comment, it tells me i don't have access to view your pages. The only way i can post a comment is by ANONYMOUS. am i doint something wrong?
    you can find me over at:


  6. My sister loves Forever 21, but she also is a big fan of Charlotte (or chantelle... ?) Ruse. Not sure if that's the right spelling, but she was a big fan of both of those stores when she was in the states.

  7. Robin - I'm not sure if your the only one having problems, errr and I wouldn't know what else you could try. Sometimes if your using internet explorer it hates letting you comment on anyones blog so if your using that try firefox. I don't get enough views/comments daily to know if there's a problem sadly lol

  8. I wish there was a forever 21 near me, but the nearest is london :(
    Lucy x

  9. I think Forever 21 should branch out - going by the success of Oxford St there is the potential for it to be popular.

  10. Oooh, next time I'm in London I might pop in. (Actually next time I'll be there is December & I don't fancy the business....maybe not)
    Can I just say; you have an absolutely gorgeous figure! And I am very jealous -especially since I just ate a greasy takeaway.

  11. @ Hazzlenut - I can imagine it will be horrific at xmas time, I think shopping in the early evening was about the right time - it was busy but the shops big enough to not feel crowded.

    Aww and thank you about your comments, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my body at times and would love to get my size 12 student body back. hehe xx

  12. I wonder what store here in America would compare to Forever 21.... I would not know but maybe one of your followers would. Maybe American Eagle? Rue 21? Charlotte Russe? just sayin...

  13. i really want to visit the uk forever 21 !
    i fell in love with the store when i visited new york !
    so glad we have one in the uk :)