Saturday, 13 August 2011

FOOD: Sushi

Its been over a year (last april to be spot on) that i first blogged about sushi. It was back then something that Joe had talked lots and lots about but it had been something i'd avoided. I think its the normal stereotypical reasons why - raw, cold, fishy, odd, that sometimes puts most people off. My first sushi experience was getting a take out from a little sushi place in Gillygate in York, we sat and eat it among the ruins of the abbey in the museum gardens in the August sunshine. I think since then, I was slightly hooked. I won't say I'm the font of all knowledge when it comes to sushi and most of the time I just say i want something with prawns or salmon or tuna and Joe picks it for us. In Edinburgh we went to the No.1 Sushi bar which does stand up to it's title - we did slash out and spend £60 (sushi isn't always the cheapest of meals but the plate settings and knowing it was fresh and made right there for you tops it) but it was very very worth it and I have an addiction to the ginger pieces!
Now I'm left with eating M&S take out pre-packed Sushi - its not bad and it's Californian rolls are yum but nothing beats the made for you taste that you get in restaurants. But its always my treat when i'm working every other Saturday. Apparently Pret do sushi too - with your own little chop sticks which might be worth a try. 


  1. Love the pics, i've tried Sushi many times but i just can't get to like it :/. I don't like the texture so much and i think it's quite tasteless too, boo, shame as i really wanted to like it.

    Sadie x

  2. Mmmm sushi looks amazing. Your blog is adorable, I'm going to start following :)

  3. These pictures are lovely & the food looks incredibly yummy! I'm obsessed with sushi, it's such a great, light meal. I'm actually going to get some for dinner tonight!

    autumn jordan

  4. Yum! I've never had proper sushi- only the ones from M&S, as I've not had the good fortune to be taken out to a sushi restaurant. x

  5. As a veggie sushi's not for me but as a lover of beautiful photography this post rocks! x

  6. Sadie - I think sushi can really be a love/hate thing. Either because people think it's raw, or the seaweed or whatever.

    Katie - thank you for popping over!

    Autumn - it's so yum isn't it, just love that there are so many different types and styles too it. It never gets boring!

    Mother of purl - it's def worth checking out "proper" sushi. Saying that M&S stuff is nice and is a fine stand in. I'm off to check out yo-sushi when I go to London apparently there's meant to be really good.

    Bethany - it's making me hungry just remembering about it too!

    Vix - Thank you petal!