Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Part eight; bits and bobs

Sometime there is really nothing to do but wait. You feel stuck and unproductive, like your waiting always on other people for responses. I've been getting back on the visa forum I started using back in March, I think weirdly it corresponded to the time I started blogging again. But anyway - its good to read real life examples and experiences of people going through the same visa/immigration dilemmas as yourself. It brings it back down to reality and proves people do get out the other side and have their happy endings.

On random Sunday's I start to do odd bits of sorting, I have another look through my cupboards, donate some more clothes to the charity shop, throw out a bit more junk from my university day, find things I lost, or throw things back into hiding.The last session I rediscovered [see the first photograph] three wooden love hearts of various sizes that I must of brought Valentines day 2010, 15p and some No.17 foundation. Win!

I've been working on, on and off my powder compact notes, they use to be in a ratty ex notebook from my university days and thought they deserved something nicer. Paperchase came to the rescue and all my manufacturer, glossary, websites and history details of that little addiction of mine are all documented complete with random exploratory drawings. Now its ready to pop in the post to JJ and it's new home for an adventure with American compacts.

I have been sorting out my photographs a lot though, I know now we live in a world of digital photos, we can take and store then on numerous things but I still love looking at either pictures of myself from when I was a little girl messing in the back garden or the early pictures I use to take on my bright blue cheap wind up camera. Photographs capture a lot of memories and they have been one thing i've been determined to take as many as I can with me. Paperchase do [last picture] these little postcard plastic photograph boxes, for £1.50 they store up to 100 photographs. Perfect! Then i have all the pictures of me and Joe but they are staying put in their special album that i'll just have to lug on as hand luggage.

Then a women [who's been doing my goat at work for past few days] declared i'm seeing me and Joe through rose tinted glasses. We've been together two years next month, I know what i'm getting myself into, i'm not a teenager lost and confused. Her saying that has totally grated on me today.


  1. Beautiful photos! Thats very cool about the notes on your compacts :o) Scarlett x

  2. Thank you - its just somewhere i've put together all my notes from the limited info on the net, just nice to keep it all together x

  3. You do have beautiful photos. I'm recently trying to take on my own.

    and about your coworker? maybe you do see through rose tinted glasses, but you know what? so do all people in love. your entitled. it's part of it, seeing past any little faults and recognizing that beautiful person has a whole. people that intend to bring you down about it, are usually bitter about something.

    it's different if it's a concern being expressed, but still. Tell her to mind her own. You'll be fine :)

  4. pretty pictures, ya speaking about the world of digital photos! totally don't miss those days of film camera where you gotta wait soo long and finish the roll before developing them!

  5. I love your blog, following :) x


  6. gorgeous photos!

    that lady is a biyotch!! she's just jelly you have such a wonderful relationship :)

  7. You are a talented lady.
    Some people have such empty lives they think they can interfere in other peoples. Tell her to keep her beak out, or tell me where she is and I will. x

  8. Hehe cheers guys. Normally I can take her comments with a pinch of salt but the other day I was just like "aaaaah I know what i'm doing!" and somewhat cracked!