Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Bank holiday Monday was spent trying to avoid the tourist crowds at Castle Howard in North Yorkshire - the location many recognise as the backdrop to the TV drama Brideshead Revisited. The quick drive past the end of the car park revelled it was over flowing with tourists so we carried on driving up the road to the free quiet little green car park - come lay by over looking the top of the estates lake. There was a short little walk along one edge of the lake only got too after walking through a mass of adult and this years swans - this was just a tad scary, especially when one of the swans started hissing. I think they've been known to attack people, there was even some cute little duckings on the lake too all swimming in line. 

We spent ages watching the combine harvesters bringing in some of the crops, the tractors kept rushing back and forth as the combine worked up and down the field. It really does bring home, that with August ending Autumn and the colder months are on our doorstep hence digging out the old SC&CO hoodie - totally unfeminine and non pretty but needs must. It's a shame, it seems like another proper summer seems to have escaped the UK. Is it wrong to say i'm wishing for spring already?!


  1. gorgeous pictures!! i especially love the last one ;p!!

    you have the most gorgeous brunette hair ever!

  2. Love the photos <3.

    Sadie x

  3. Thank you!

    @ lisa - the hairs all dyed, totally needs redoing hehe.

  4. I love this - perfect way to spend the bank holiday and avoid all the tourist spots! Gorgeous photos too :)

    xo Samantha Grace

  5. Love those photos! Especially the second one.

    Totally jealous of your lovely thick hair, too :)

    x Jasmine

  6. I've been to castle howard a few times, it's so lovely. Gorgeous pictures too lovely :) xxx

  7. aww thank you Lavender - my hair totally needs thinning though, and the amounts that fall out it's a wonder its still thick at all x