Friday, 13 May 2011

Part 2. And don't phone back ...

Oh look me again!
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At three months and three weeks into the visa application proper, I've come to finally realise why the fall out rate of some American visas [it currently stands at 6% for the K1 fiancée] visa is just that or why more importantly people just get married and then move. Because of the looooooong time-scale. Yet the system is very lax and tight lipped with telling you what is going on, when it's occurring and to a point; why. The first five months of waiting is apparently we learnt today to check Joe out rather then me. To see if he's a fraudulent person. I really do wonder what they have to check out that takes them that long. Yet the person migrating, ie me in theory, could get through the medical and interviews in approximately eight weeks. How does that work?!

Sometimes I really do wonder if any visa processing people have ever had a long distance relationship. Its not a dig at them, I just wonder if they realise how hard they are, yet alone having to do one and do the visa process. Your sat in somewhat no man's land waiting for a sign, a motion, anything. 

Don't dare ring up and ask what is occurring through and don't at all dare and ring back before the five month wait is up. So the happy American official told Joe today. Apparently enquiring into their silence isn't the done thing. We have to be English and wait. God forsake those people who knew nothing about this first five month period.

Thing is, when you don't know the system, and you feel slightly young in comparison to the mass people you hear about doing the K1 visa, it's all very daunting. Sometimes I wish it all came with a help guide.

But I guess that means one month and a week before we can ring them.

Better store that number.
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  1. *hugs*

    Hopefully the wait will make seeing him all the more awesome

  2. we'll get there in the end eventually! I hope :)

  3. Oh this sounds so frustrating, I had no idea it would take so long! Hope things hurry along for you. I can imagine it must get very stressful!xx

  4. Thanks emily - yeah it seems to get harder by the day, frustrating because there's nothing you can do to speed anything along. Hopefully everyday down is a day closer x