Thursday, 26 May 2011

Barry M instant nail effects

Instant nail effects - taken a day and a half after been first applied.
I am  rather behind the band wagon so much that its left the next town and run off with a banshee. I'm wandering along in the tumble-weed. Half the problem is that me and nail varnish don't get on too well - I love it just dispensing tablets during the day job doesn't, clips and cracks can be pretty much spontaneous. Don't get me wrong I love painting my nails when i'm on holiday and I can enjoy having it on, but I gave into the flow and thought sod it i'm trying the nail effects after seeing so many reviews here on blogger. 

Currently Barry M have four instant effect colours - black, white, pink and blue. Normally I love Barry M - it's cheap, its cheerful, it lasts pretty well and it's full of a variety of colours. Yet i was a like a child in a sweet shop debating which colour would be the best - with the majority of my nail varnishes dark in colour it was a little tricky but I guess half the "thing" about these effect nail varnishes is making them clash and stand out. All in all I went for the blue - can't really go too wrong.

First I went with a base coat of Beauty Uk Glam Nails in Soft Lilac - another cheap and cheerful brand (you see the trend hint hint) two coats and its sorted. After leaving it to dry I added this effects lark - I hadn't used it before so I had no idea what to except - it says not to overlap coats but I found that a little tricky and possibly is why it didn't come out so well, also it has a bit of a funny smell - not the traditional nail varnish smell at all. Its weird watching how a coat of nail varnish crackles and gathers into lines. I finished it off with a layer of Rimmel Wear Maxx in clear as a top coat - just an extra barrier from the lines chipping off.

I will admit, it did take me a while to get either my head around it and come to like it. First I started thinking "oh it just looks like I don't bother with my nails" but the more you see it and the more you have it the better it appears. I love that its a bit trashy.  I'll have to play around with the colours I use as the base coat, but over all it lasts well, the colour stays and it goes on easy - once you get the hang of applying it.

What beauty products have been rocking your boat lately?


  1. I really like the nail effects. I wish I could do something like that with my nails. Well, I've never even tried though so maybe I could. Who knows. Very cute though

  2. The nail effects are cool. I can never be bothered to paint my nails, but I like it. :)