Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Click click

I crave a camera. A proper proper camera. One with a fancy zoom and amazing mega-pixels-things. One you can play with the lenses. Adding and taking away. But I have no idea if electronic goodies are cheaper over here or in America. Going by the price of everytihng else i'm guessing buying in America might be the better option price wise. 

My photographic woes sadly continue. Last week I became engaged in a fight with my laptop (yeah it's sounding like the days when I use to blog about my first laptop at university) and well I came off worse. Well really nearly 1,000 photographs of mine and Joe's holidays and most of the images for my blog and random others came off worse. That and photoshop. 

I'd only just got the hang of photoshop - it was a friend you really wanted to get to know, but seemed really off, distant and somewhat untouchable. I never ever found photoshop easy to get on with but after months and months of hard work I was finally getting somewhere. But having to reverting my laptop back to factory settings I've lost it in the mire. Gah. 

I need it back! Keep thinking all my photographs look incredibly lame without it and that comes from a girl that use to be somewhat against photographic editing. 

But a proper camera and photoshop is the way to remember a road trip is to record it properly right?

Isn't that the perfect excuse?

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  1. I too would love to have a proper camera and as for photoshop, I wouldn't know where to start. I'm not very tech savvy sadly.
    I think your photos are beautiful by the way.