Saturday, 7 May 2011

Treading water

fyi - New Look white cardi with red and blue bows and blue and white striped woolen bow top, also from New Look
Long distance relationships tend to get "harder" at certain times of year. Those special ones that you're meant to share with the ones you love. Not so much valentines day I'm still too cynical with that but I mean christmas and birthdays. This weekends been JJ's birthday (he's getting old reaching the grand old age of 26) and I wish more then anything I was there just to see him opening the presents I got him. To make him a cake. To take him out and spoil him even if that does mean giving in and buying him a tonne more transformers. Over a year and a half into our relationship and we still haven't been face to face for either of our birthdays.  For my last birthday I was a lucky girl and got a HUGE box from him full of pressies and a gorgeous gorgeous bunch of flowers. I want my visa to get here in time for mine. So that gives us a deadline for the end of September.

I want to turn 25 in America.

But I want never gets?

Plus I have a mother that seems to be going off mine and Joe's relationship by the day. She's even conveniently forgotten it's his birthday. The quote of putting heads in sand comes to mind.


  1. Awh! That's a tough one, are you allowed send baked goods in the post overseas any more?

    I know five years ago you were allowed send cookies.. Birthday cookies?

    You'll get your visa soon. =( Horrible there is such a long wait for it.

  2. I'm not sure these days. I've had no problems sending tea and chocolate but I guess the only issue with baked products is them going off. The Christmas parcel I sent JJ took about 2 months to be found - it got totally lost so that kind of puts me off baking things and thinking of the mouldy mess at the other end lol

  3. Oh wow that's terrible lol. You'd think post services should be getting better.. not worse with all the ordering online that's possible nowadays.

  4. Yeah, they claim they had tried to deliver it to his flat twice but both times we know he was in. I'm somewhat tempted to believe it never left the UK really. Cynic that I am lol

  5. Sorry you can't see your partner on his birthday. Hope your visa gets to you soon x

  6. Thank you justlikejasper, so do i x

  7. That's a shame :( I've spent a year in Spain when my boyfriend was in the UK and it was very hard at times, though we did manage to be together for birthday as we're both summer babies. I really hope you get your visa soon! xx