Saturday, 14 May 2011

LIFE: Give a Kitty a Home

Me and Joe are total cat people, my first pet was a ginger and white kitty we got from a rescue centre in Hull. I was about three[ish] and i remember as much as you can when your that age, the day so well. Something due me to the cheeky little ginger and white kitty and every since then it's been the ginger kittys that have had a special place in my heart. We took him home and I named him Bertie after my favourite kiddies book that of Big Bad Bertie, and yeah that name was rather fitting. He became the local brute he'd yow, yell, chase and fight local kitties, well like kitties do. He was stubborn, he got his own way but he gave the best snuggles and loved being played with. He'd wait for me by the end of my street for when I was waking home, he'd jump up and see me in bed on a morning. Sadly he died when I was in my first year at university back in 2005 and I still miss him. The kitty that re-homed herself with us is a little odd to say the least - she rarely purrs, comes inside and hates being picked up.
Joe has a kitty too called Ed apparently named after some cartoon - i'm not fully geeky enough to understand/remember her namesake. She's a stay at home American kitty, loves her tower, purrs a lot at me through skype. She is a little fat however - a lot so. But i've never met her - one of the things i'm worried about when it comes to moving to America is meeting Ed - she's not too good with new people and I just want her to like me too - well she's going to have to tolerate me seeing i'm not planning on working for three or so months after I hopefully move.
We want to re-home another kitty - give ed another friend someone to play with and have some company when she's home alone especially seeing she's an indoor cat (blame the freeway next to the flat). Joe finished work and linked me a picture of the cutest [above] picture of a kitty, all ginger, little cute face. Omg he was calling me make Joe take him home especially since it's only $100 to re-home him. I really wish we could of, I guess it's not fair when its just Joe at home and Ed will probably go nutters and there'll be fur all over the flat.

One day.

Just add it to the things to do list. 


  1. Aww I'm sure Ed will grow to love you! I took on my boyfriend's 2 cats as well as the 1 I already had - they were a bit wary of me at the start but they are so affectionate now... I love kitties, I would have a house-full of rescue cats if I could lol.. ;)

  2. Awww I love that you adopt kitties instead of buying them.

    Such a sweetheart. ♥♥

    Love your kitty photos! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. @nicsnotebook - yeah think it'll take a while but hopefully Ed will come to like me, I guess if I just feed her her grub that might win her over!

    @ the cat hag - i've always preferred re-homing kittens - there's so many out there that would love a new chance and a better home.