Monday, 23 May 2011

Motor city

So this is the city all the visa work will allow me (hopefully) to live in and be a part of. While i'm not even in Detroit as of yet, its the city near my guy. It's easier to say he lives in Detroit then explain to people about all the suburbs i'll just say he lives north of 8 Mile - people have heard about that because of the film. Nevertheless because its not New York, or somewhere in California, or Florida there's always the need to somewhat defend Detroit, even I have to defend Detroit and i've never even been to America. I know it's nothing "fancy" and a little run down - it merely reminds me of Hull (UK), a city once dominated by industry and life but due to changes in time, a city that's haunted and struggling to pull away from its past. But it's a city that shouldn't be written off. No city ever should.

One of my loves is Joe's pictures of everyday places, sights, road and things he's passes - just the everyday things that makes American life what it is. I love all the photographs of the roads, the buildings, traffic lights hung up in the air (i'm never going to understand that) the side-walks. That's what makes America feel more real away from the endless tourist guides. Another element that was refreshing to find was the huge huge advertisement Chrysler did for an ad break during the last super bowl final - just love how even a company is trying to re-image motor city, even with a little help from Emimen. I love it's honesty - it doesn't find the fact there's disused buildings, huge industry or run down areas - but that's what makes Detroit what it is, to walk away from that would be to walk away from it's principles.

At this rate i'll end up on a one women re-branding mission via facebook and photographs. I know some of the girls on blogs I follow live either in Detroit or Michigan but anyone with any insider information about places to go, things to see, shops to invade would be more then welcome!

Don't you just love the underdog?!


  1. I really like these photos, oh I totally get what you mean, shots like this are more sincere, spontaneous, they carry a sense of nostalgia that you just can't get from tourist guides etc, it's so refreshing

  2. It must be great to see photos like this and to see how close you are to your dream <3 xx

  3. Cheers guys - they really do give an insight into that "other world" as i've started calling it. Makes it much more tangible x

  4. wow! excited for you!!! it's like we're trading places i'm moving to europe you're moving to the US!! :)

  5. These pictures are so pretty!