Sunday, 15 May 2011

Three day straight ....

I don't know what's up either - TWO beauty hair reviews within days. Something is going wrong. Or in turn something has to be really good to warrant me wanting to write so many reviews in two weeks. Previously i'd been a big user of fizz ease by john freida - a perfect source for getting and catching that fly away hair, but it never seemed to aid the straightening process - I always had to use yet another product. I will admit I was slightly suckered into buying 3-day straight but i'm always up for trying new hair products plus it was on offer in Superdrug (introduction price of £5.50 something from £6.99).

3-day straight is stated as a weightless spray heat protection product to work alongside hair straighteners and hair dyers. With a mix of polymers and keratin protein this protects and wraps around your hair in doing so sealing in, removing fizz and keeping hair styled and straight for up to three day. You spray (they suggest between 7 and 15 sprays this is somewhat an exaggeration, even with thick boob length hair as i describe my own as being; i've only needed 5 or 6 sprays at a push any more and i'd feel it may weigh hair down too much) to wet hair running it through your hair with a brush or fingers. 

Personally I can tell something good is going on as soon as I start blow dying my hair. Normally it has a half hearted attempt at drying straight then kinks out, curls all over the place, fizzes to an inch of its life and refuses to look normal. Since using this product its dried a lot straighter. Noticeably straighter. You're advised to style as normal whether this is with our without straighteners, i still have to straighten but not to the same extent that I use too. 

I've noticed it's lasted better between washes, I normally wash my hair before bed; as a result it normally went kinky and curly overnight as if by magic. Or i'd set off for work and by the time I got there it would look like I hadn't even bothered with my hair at all. Its passed a windy day and a magic hot sweaty shift at work which normally ends up in me flinging my hair up because humidity made it go manic. I haven't been out in the rain with it yet so that is the ultimate test. Overall its removed the pressure of trying to straighten it to an inch of its life, its more manageable and it feels better - a lot stronger and shiner. Whether it works to the same extent on super curly and unmanageable hair I can't speak for, but on unmanageable slightly curly mind of its own hair it's done it the power of good.

Have you tried it? What have your experiences been?!
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  1. I've never tryed this although i love john frieda products i own a lot seen as i get the best results from them! i have used the de frizz conditioner which comes in a little pot and i may of used a simillar spray to this which was a detangle frizz free spray for damp hair which was a mircale!!

  2. I used to love frizz ease, but it makes me break out. Ugh.

  3. hey, thank you so much for the lovely comment on our pics! Photo shoots are fun and I'm sure yours will turn out wonderful. In the meantime you could do plenty of research to decide what kind of mood to set your pics in:)


  4. @Samantha - yeah i've had really good experiences with the fizz eaze things, there's one can't remember which though that leaves my hair really really greeasy though. Was awful.

    @ Kallie - sorry to hear of your bad experience, awful how some products suit you for ages and then suddenly turn again you.

    @ sher - your welcome about the comments the photographs are gorgeous. I think we want a photo shoot that's vintage, spring like, fun cheeky kind of thing. We'll have to properly think about it really and save up!