Friday, 13 May 2011

John frieda foam

I don't i'll admit openly rave about beauty products, the only things even think about reviewing had have to really impress me. I know this products been out for a while but I wanted to make sure the results weren't a one off. This colourants been my product of choice now since early this year and its served me well. Since around 2009 i've been dying my hair myself at home, i grew out of having blonde, red and brown hair and just went for the one colour took - some might call it a step backwards but I was calling it "growing up", plus I needed a way of saving £50 every time I needed to have it coloured. If only the foam colourings had been invented then!

The first and only real down side with the John Frieda foam range is the price, it normally retails around £9.99 but I try and get it when its on offer (Superdrug often have it down to £6.99 at times) so it is more expensive then the original way of home hair dying. But your paying for the newness and the brand. Nevertheless what foam moose colourings offer is a less messy more over all coverage with a less "dying" kind of smell. Doing your hair at home is never going to be easy, sometimes you need four hands, three hair brushes and several hundred clips before you even begin, but John Frieda's foam is pretty much simple from the off. You take your colourant and you pour it into your bottle. You fasten the pump in and you TILT - this is the key word which is highlighted and highlighted several times your hair colourant. No shaking, no jumping up and down. Just five, and only five tilts.

Because it comes out as a foam you don't run that risk of having it dribbling all over the place, [mind you I still have bad aim around my face] it just settles nicely on your hair. You rub it in a little, you cover it across your hair and you pile it up and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. I tend to always leave hair colours on longer then advised but that's my prerogative my hairs naturally very dark with added grey bits [yeah grey bits at 24 woop] so I just up it to 40 minutes which i do think makes a difference especially when you read some of the counter reviews regarding colouring not taking so well. Main deep colour seems to last about four weeks but there's enough on there to keep it looking coloured and fresh. 

I don't often rave about beauty things, but i'll rave about this to the hilt 

Review is all my own words and thoughts and I have nothing personal, business or otherwise interests or connections to John Frieda - ta muchly. Image taken from here

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