Monday, 16 November 2009

The Laurel

While having a hunt in my mam's falling to bits sewing box I stumbled across this 1930s The Laurel, Ladies Boudoir Safety Razor complete in it's original tin, razor and spare blade. I think this find was originally found while my gran worked in a charity shop purchasing anything sewing related for herself or for my mam. Perhaps, if I remember rightly, this cute little tin was hidden away in one of the boxes of vintage buttons.
Laurel Safety Razor 1930s
The presence of such Laurel safety razors are pretty much all over Ebay, thus showing they are far from rare. Yet with bids and prices ranging from 99p to £14.99 there reminds a market and an interest in such vanity and vintage finds. Measuring only 4.5" in length, it comes complete with its original instructions for use.

In comparison to contemporary packing, yet alone razors nothing compares. In its own little ways it has its own presence and beauty. Today this tin and its contents can so sweetly be presented and admired upon a vintage girls dressing table. In 70 to 80 years will our grandchildren be doing the same with products of our era?

I somehow think not.
Laurel Safety Razor 1930s


  1. How lovely to find pretty treasures like this, I'm sure it will brighten up your dresser:)

  2. Yes indeed - the colours in the tin are so pretty!

  3. What tranquilly lovely photos. The inky blue hue to the second one really helps to telegraph the sense that what we're looking at is old and time honoured. Wonderful find, honey, thank you for sharing.

    Many wishes for a joyful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica