Thursday, 5 November 2009

Snuggley Knits

One of the best things about the weather changing into colder days and nights and having a mother that knits [I'm afraid I'm more of a sewer] is being able to get away with sticking on chunky and cosy knitted garments. My mam seems to be able to knit everything and anything, from babies clothes, jumpers, cardigans, socks. Anything that could possibly be knitted.

Mind you, I've never always liked my mam knitting me stuff, okay I will admit during school I never thought it was "cool" to wear anything hand knitted by my mam or my gran. Not that they weren't any good but due to the delights of the school ground and the swamping of young media's via the media and so called "fashion", knitting was never given any credit.

Now I'm at the point of no longer caring and generally just requiring more warmth. I always think home made woollen items always seem several degrees warmer then items purchased from the high-street, and with possibly the coldest feet in England my mam's knitted socks warm me up at tonne.
[Wrigley wriggle toes]
I have five pairs in multiple shades of rainbow colours, some topped with cream, pink or blue. Its weird how all the patterns and the shades work when they are being made - how they are made is beyond me. Bar understanding the use of needing four needles with no ends and going around and around in circles.

But seriously, knitted thick socks warm my feet up like an electric heater, more so then sticking them on a radiator ever would - mind you it has got to the extent of wearing one pair "normal" one pair knitted. Meh, I hate cold feet!

But then again as the saying goes, cold feet warm heart.

So when mam started knitting hats for Christmas boxes to Eastern Europe, I kinda wanted one. About three days later a viola, a bright red double knitted soooo warm hat is now mine! Normally I would never consider me and hats to have any form of friendly relationship, sometimes some things just don't suit - hats tended to be in this category. Until now. Regardless of its looks and its painless its so cosy and warm.

Seeing my new job doesn't finish till six and having to wait god knows how long for a bus back into the Yorkshire sticks my hat will be more then useful. I've already asked for another one - this time in purple!

So I guess embracing the knitting is the way to go, maybe I'll even try for about the thirtieth time to put up a pair of knitting needles and make something. Maybe.

One of my confessions, or probably one of my sins was the delights of MySpace in the days gone by, that's before the world of Facebook [so rightly I renamed Faceache] took over the Internet super-highway. I guess I became a bit of a photo-whore, but since then I tend to limit the pictures of myself that I post, even on Facebook - I think I'm one of the few that just doesn't post and comment about her life twenty four seven, instead I guess my blog is the one place where I'm most open and honest virtually.

I also found out today that I did properly past my Masters, so now I can properly add more fancy letters behind my name [I'm now an MA, BA (hons) blogger]. But I'll blog more about my masters and university when I graduate next month!

And to all you fellow Brits - have a fabulous and hopefully not to cold Bonfire Night- sadly due to the era of health and safety my local celebrations have been put out years ago!


  1. I love knitted jerseys, socks that go all the way up to your knees and long knitted gloves ahhh cosy

  2. Congrats, Ms. MA!!!

    That's so great you have access to a knitter. What a world of wonderful things you can have made or even make (capelets, socks, scarves, hats, even SUITS!)


  3. The rainbow socks are gorgeous! Not being able to knit myself, I treasure all the knitted goods my Grammie made me as a kid. From the homemade Cabbage Patch kids clothes (still going strong for my niece 20 years later!) to the pink afghan she made me when I was 8 and made it exactly how tall I was at the time. I have a month off coming up and your post has inspired me to ask my Mum to teach me how to knit :)

  4. knitwear is the only good thing about cold weather!

  5. Cheers all - hope we all manage to stay wrapped up and warm for the winter! Mam's already just starting my new purpley coloured hat - I can't wait. Its being soooo cold and wet again in Yorkshire that I don't think she could possibly knit it quick enough. I have a bad feeling it may be a very cold, and a very long winter!

  6. I would love to have someone knit cozy stockings for me! And they look so happy! Love the hat too! I wish I could knit!

  7. cool socks. i really like your header

  8. How fantastic! Huge and happiest of congratulations on passing your Masters, that's such a wonderful accomplishment!

    Your mom's knits look adorable, and you're completely gorgeous! It's awesome that you have an avid knitter in your family to help keep you cozy and warm :)

    Many happy wishes for a marvelous Saturday, sweet dear
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Thank you knalleffakt - i've been trying to mess around with it to change and get rid of its whiteness in comparison to my new background but it's getting too much of a hassle and I have a limited joy of using computers at times!

    Thank you Jessica - I can get very shy about posting images of myself on here. They have to go through a countless series of messing with the lighting etc.