Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Gems on your doorstep

Sometimes I think we as humans forget the things, the delights, the beauty's and the pleasures that can be found on, or close to, our doorstep. One of the things I just love about England and being British is our history, a history which remains so remarkably intact and visible for all to see at every turn, a history which gets may tourists flocking to our little island. From churches to castles, city walls to grand country houses history both rich and poor sits alongside and embedded within our nationality.

Yet I fear, even I often overlook the delights to be found on my very own [or at least 20 odd miles away] doorstep. Growing up in the fields of East Yorkshire, York has always been the shopping city of choice. While it was the city for clothes shopping I will confess to over looking the historical delights playing out before me within these visits; too busy being stuck behind the numerous and numberless amounts of foreign tourists crowded along the shambles or requiring directions for the "big church".

The "big church" happens to be the Minster, the largest of all Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe and seems to be the magnet to which the tourists are drawn, yet it is a building I've walked pass countless times without really giving it a second glance. It's a shame really - while its more then a little expensive to visit these days, it remains a magnificent eye turner from streets away. Even the shambles the tiniest of little streets is a gorgeous delight, packed full of traditional shops, from knitting, wooden toys, sweets and tea shops, yet only too often I view it as a street to get me to somewhere else.

I guess in the rush rush society we all too often forget to stop and look around our surroundings and we miss so much that would or could catch the eye of someone else. We become so safe in our surroundings that the beautiful may sometimes be invisible.

[York Minster]

Outside the Minster this guy always seems to be, drawing away on the streets copies of works of art. Not only do the buildings make the city or the place, sometimes it really is down to the people.

Sometimes we all could do with looking a bit closer at the things nearest to us, before we miss them or they get overlooked for good.


I additionally would like to thank you for all your kind thoughts and ideas/cures regarding the old wisdom tooth issues. Currently the throbbing has subsided somewhat, and I have experienced the delightfully rancid taste of clove oil - that's not a taste I'll forget too easily but it has helped!

Oh and I have to share finally being able to get a job - it may only be part time and it may only be for the Christmas period but money was starting to get short and even though its only temporary and requires the joy of travelling and hassle of public transport, hopefully it'll be worth it.

My motto to everyone out there struggling and feeling so fed up because of the recession and lack of employment, really is to keep trying.

Sometimes there really is a lucky break waiting to be had!


  1. Bonjour. Just stopping by to say thank you for following my blog. I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Congratulations on the job! Like you I too think I was born in the wrong era! I'll be back to visit soon!

  2. Congrats on the job xx

    Thanks for posting piccies of my home City, I miss it sometimes, although Manchester is really my spiritual home and I now find myself in Guernsey. You are quite right and based on your words I am going to look at the sea tomorrow, close up, I can see it from the bedroom window, but I'll make an effort to go look xx

  3. I walked past the minster today, it is beautiful, the winter sun really makes it glow a stunning golden shade
    (briefly), I noticed in Gillygate a shop called The Blue Ballroom, they have some nice vintage dresses (among modern 'retro' racks).
    Congrats on the job.

  4. It is true Miss Matilda, I guess we all need to slow down sometimes - but its the need to make the time!

    Oo its always good to know that there's even more shops selling vintage - I never really been down Gillygate recently so i'm defiantly going to have to have a look. Working in York now I have no excuse!

    Thank you all on your congrats!

  5. Deepest congrats on the new job, sweet heart, I'm so happy for you!

    I agree deeply with your point that there is a great deal to be discovered/rediscovered, explored and enjoyed in our own backyards. One of the things I like most about living in a large city is that I can perpetually "play" tourist in my own town, exploring the past and present of one of Canada's largest and oldest cities.

    I'm very happy that you're tooth pain has subsided a bit. I know clove oil is rather vile tasting (doesn't that flavour linger in your mouth for ages?), but it can help in the short term. Fingers crossed that your tooth pain continues to lessen.

    Many wishes for an beautiful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica