Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Romantic Kinda Love

Sometimes there is a longing for a return to traditional and long lost romance. I am [secretly] a die hard romantic but I'm lucky enough in finding a guy that treats me like a princess. I have a romance I could only dare dream about.

While their romance was turbulent, their characteristics clashing and their personalities drawing them further apart, the relationship between Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier at the start at least, is filled with a lustful, deep romantic power.

Often to remind himself of his lover over in Hollywood [whom he nicknamed Puss], Olivier often placed carnations in his underwear during the Broadway run of the play No Time for Comedy [1939]. During their separation Olivier would send Puss long, intense love letters often accompanied with the carnation he had worn.

While they themselves were never granted their happy ending, it calls us to remember the little things that make up love, and the power of romance, of how it can change hearts, outlooks and the future. Of the power of love letters, love poems.

Even in hard times, love never dies. Sometimes it only gets stronger.

Petals of rose
Blossoms of blue
Sweet kisses of
My lover true.

Image of Leigh and Olivier taken on-board a boat in approx 1938, is taken from here.


  1. Great post! I love the pic! Kori xoxo

  2. What a lovely post...I too am a die-hard romantic. This point has gotten the better of me at times, but also allowed me to the give the very best of my heart to others.

    Wishing you a life of great love & happiness, sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. That is so true Jessica. Its very risky being a romantic and falling in love. Sometimes I think people pull away and believe its not worth the vulnerability. I like to think that love can still change the world x