Tuesday, 24 November 2009

PROJECT: Crocus In a Teacup

If you enjoy pretty things, sweet little flowers and want to find a use for some of your vintage teacups then this might be the perfect excuse for a spot of gardening. Ages ago I did mention an item that was broadcast upon the BBC programme Garden's World back in September designed by Alys Fowler of using your vintage teacups as a pot for growing some seasonal winter flowers, titled "Christmas in a teacup".

This weekend we started to get around to making these a reality using some old teacups from my gran and some crocus bulbs. Not being a green fingered individual at all maybe this might be the start of a little adventure. Well perhaps its a start anyway, and here's how we did it!

What you need:
  • Vintage china cup and saucer
  • 10mm diamond coated drill bit which can be purchased from any good DIY shop or Ebay for £4 or less
  • Drill to insert said drill bit into
  • Some bulbs [suggestions include crocus, paperwhites, hyacinths or small daffodils]
  • Soil
What to do:
So you have everything sorted and you've chosen which of your bulbs you want to use for your Christmas/winter display and now the fun starts!

First you need to select your chosen teacup, it could be vintage or just retro inspired, either one that has been hanging around your dinning room for years with no use or just brought cheaply from a charity shop or ebay. Just take your teacup and your drill with your 10mm diamond drill bit two or three little holes in the base - just a way of letting the water drain away so your bulbs don't get wet and mouldy.
[My choosen teacup and matching saucer rescued from clearing my grans house]

Then all you need to do is place two or three bulbs into your teacup and fill up to its rim with compost. You can then store them in a greenhouse or cold frame bringing them inside when the shoots are poking through, or they can be kept inside were you can watch your little bulbs growing in time for Christmas. Just water them well [but not let them sit in water] and keep them warm. Additionally they can even be replanted outside once their growing season is over.[taddaaa my chosen teacup and its contents. You can just see a little shoot coming through already]

I'll keep you updated on the growing.


  1. Hi there! For your absolute dedication to superb vintage blogging I have an award to pass on to you waiting on my blog.x

  2. Love the idea but dont know if i could bring myself to drilling into one of my teacups!


  3. I am entirely in favour of this creative (and gorgeous!) recycling idea, thank you for sharing it with us all. I'd seen muffins baked in teacups, but never before thought of using them as plant holder. Such a clever and beautiful use for miscellaneous pieces of china.

    Thank you very dearly for your wonderful "Stellaversay" wishes, precious soul! They really me a lot to me (and Stella :D).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thank you petals! I'll let you know the growth and sucess of the flowering teacups!